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4 crucial tips to maintain indoor playground for children?

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4 crucial tips to maintain indoor playground for children?

4 crucial tips to maintain indoor playground for children?

Details determine success or failure. In many cases, small details can often determine the development of indoor playgrounds for children. In order to provide customers with a more comfortable experience, in addition to daily operations, the operator of the indoor playgrounds must work hard on the details, and the handling of details is the embodiment of the fine maintenance and warranty management of the park. Improving the reputation of the paradise and increasing customer satisfaction is an important prerequisite for the paradise to be favored by customers for a long time. 



Installation of Equipment of Indoor Playground

1. Equipment Purchase

You need to pay attention to appearance signs, safety signs, playable age, manufacturers after-sales.


2. Equipment Unpacking

You need to pay attention to equipment integrity, appearance ratio, plastic or heavy metal taste investigation.


3. Equipment Acceptance

You need to pay attention to the use of matching accessories, read the instructions, and follow the steps.


4. Equipment Assembly

You need to pay attention to the installation direction and stable adjustment.



Key Points for Maintenance of Equipment

1. Castle Maintenance

1) Ceiling Lamps

Avoid frequent switching, wipe with a dry cloth, pay attention to moisture-proof and dust-proof, and replace the aging lamp in time to avoid burnout of the ballast.


2) Wall Surface

Activated carbon is used for moisture protection. Special stains can be lightly rubbed off with sandpaper and repainted. Mildew can be wiped with bleach and disinfected.


3) Protective Soft Bags

It can be wiped with a damp cloth dipped in a little water to remove stains, and cracks should be repaired with glue.


4) Bobo Pool

Clean the damaged ball regularly, wipe the surface of the ball with a damp cloth dipped in a little water, then clean the bottom of the soft pack pool, and finally spray disinfect the entire pool.


2. Toy Maintenance

1) Plastic Toys

If you can't wash it directly in the water, you can wipe it with a cloth and use some detergent to clean it. You can also use vinegar to wipe off the stains that are difficult to remove.


2) Wooden Toys

Washing is generally not recommended. If the surface of the toy has been soaked with paint, you can use a clean gauze or handkerchief to clean the surface of the wooden toy with a cleaning solution, and then dry it.


3) Cloth Toys

Pay attention to the marked washing instructions before washing to prevent the doll from deforming or fluffing after entering the water. Washable cloth toys are soaked in 1:99 diluted bleach water for 30 minutes and then washed. For non-washable toys, please refer to the cleaning method of plush toys for toy maintenance.


4) Plush Toys

Sprinkle baking soda evenly on the toy, and then use a clean small brush and follow the direction of plush. After a while, you will see a lot of dirt on the brush. After removing it, continue to wash and clean it.


3. Machine Maintenance

1) Clean External Frame

After turning off the power, wipe with a damp cloth dampened with water to remove stains.


2) Clean the Scale on the Glass Surface

Spray the scale with acidic glass cleaner. After staying for 3 seconds, clean the surface of the scale with cloth.


3) Clean the Machine Oil

Use a special oil-removing detergent to spray the oil-contaminated surface, and then wipe and clean it.


4) Machine Anti-rust Treatment

Aiming at the frequent friction parts of the machine parts, regularly apply oil lubricant to reduce the damage of the machine parts.


4. Fire Equipment Maintenance

1) Inspection of Fire Extinguishers

You need to check the validity period, and the pressure gauge pointer is kept in the green area, to ensure that the parts are not loose, deformed, rusted and damaged, and the nozzle is not blocked.


2) Fire Door Inspection

You need to pay attention to check that the fire door is not locked, and the fire passage is blocked by obstacles.


3) Inspection of Fire Hydrants

Check for leaks in the water supply gate valve. Ensure that the accessories of fire hoses, hoses and fire reels are complete and intact, the alarm buttons and indicator lights should function normally and without failure, and the appearance of the components of the fire hydrant box and the box should not be damaged. Lubricating oil should be added to all rotating parts such as fire hydrant, water supply valve and fire reel.



Key Points for Repair of Equipment

1. Indoor Playground Repair

Find the model and code of the accessories of indoor playground. Try to use the original model accessories, and make sure that the new accessories are fault-free before replacing them.


2. Toy Repair

Plastic or alloy deformation toys can be fixed with instant glue. Toys made of plush cloth can be sewn with similar colored threads. Electronic mechanical toys must be repaired by professionals.


3. Machine Repair

If the coin slot does not work, check the card header signal acceptance. If the coin slot is loose, reconnect it according to the wiring diagram. If the card header deduction does not work, the system is abnormal, restart the machine. If the machine does not respond after power on, check the fuse is damaged and damaged.



Key Points of Equipment Debugging

1. Check the Accessories and Equipment

Before commissioning the amusement equipment, first check that the equipment motor and all accessories are complete.


2. Prevention of Safety Measures

We should prevent the dangers caused by working at heights and live working. And the stability of fences, seats and billboards also needs to be strengthened and adequate safety measures must be taken.


3. Keeping Debugging Records

Every debugging is recorded, and the running status of the amusement equipment is counted.



This passage explains the details that the park needs to pay attention to in the daily operation of the park from four aspects including equipment installation, maintenance, repair and debugging. Doing every detail work will make your indoor playground more popular.

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