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CE Certificate Best Choice Children Rope Access Course for Children

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Rope Course Description

Apply For: Pre-school, amusement park, garden, shopping mall, public places etc.

Theme &design: Customized ODM and OEM, design for you for free with your layout .

Components: Static rope, carabiner/connect ring, safety belt & helmet, roller, heart-shaped buckle

Function: These are aimed at children like drilling, climbing, sliding, swinging, jumping, rolling, shaking and so on to develop personality of tough, training speed, strength, endurance balance to achieve physical fitness and the purpose of intelligence.

Remark: Children need adult supervision.

Materials & Technology

rope course

rope course

1. Column

Pipe: 140mm of main pipe, high anti-static painting solution

Wood: Oregon Pine and rose wood with complex paint techincs, loading bearing is more than 200kg

2. Platform

Black steel sheet, color powder coated or PVC coated

3. Beam  

4. Slideway


rope course components6 rope course components13 rope course components14

  • 10mm Static Rope

rope course components4 rope course components3 rope course components1

  • Carabiner / Connect Ring 

rope course components10 rope course components7 rope course components9

  • Safety Belt & Helmet

rope course components12

  • Roller

rope course components15 rope course components5

  • Heart-Shaped Buckle

For more details or specifications about the above components, contact us for help.

Different material is available at your demand.



rope course components5

Flexible Double Slide Rail          

The double slide rail is more flexible and movable than the traditional single-row slide rail, and can be driven in two directions to avoid collision.



rope course components4

Stable Iron Platform                

Iron platform, more stable, easy to fix, greater load-bearing capacity, not easy to deform, higher safety, and the surface of the platform is beautiful and non-slip.





rope course components3

Colorful Iron Frame Paint           

All iron frame paint, color optional, more screw fixing ports, more stable and higher safety.


rope course components9

Anti-Collision Plastic Blocks

Set plastic anti-collision blocks between the project and the platform to avoid noise and damage to the project.

rope course components6

Smooth Connection

The connection position of all products is smooth and beautiful, to prevent children from accidentally scratching and scratching.


rope course components2

Safe Screw Fasteners

The screw fasteners have no sharp surfaces on the back or in a dark place to keep the front of the device beautiful and safe during use.

rope course components13

Static Load Bearing

The rope uses a static load bearing of 600KG, which is safe and comfortable. The project part uses thin steel wire rope, which increases the stability while being beautiful.


1.Can it be used outdoors?

It is recommended to use indoors, because most of the products are made of wood, plastic and iron, which will wear out the materials when used outdoors for a long time.


2.Are there any requirements for the site?

It must be a clean, large site with no obstacles (pillars), with a length and width of at least 5m and a height of more than 3.5m.


3.Is it easy to install?

Yes, build the pillars at place and install each project inside.


4.Can I choose the items and colors in it?

There are more than 30+ items to choose from, some parts can choose colors.


5.Are there any safety measures?

We will be equipped with safety ropes, safety clothing, safety helmets, and instruction manuals, and provide the most professional advice.

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