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Five Games To Play With Kids At Home

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Five Games To Play With Kids At Home

Five Games To Play With Kids At Home

Many parents are occupied with their work and ignore the communication with their children, which is harmful to the kids physical and mental health. Therefore, in order to build a good relationship between parents and children, they can try to play games together, such as games on the fun and play indoor playground. In the following, we will share some interesting games that can be played with children in the indoor play place for kids.



1. Game of Posting Nose

The game requires two parents and a child to participate in. The eyes of one parent should be blindfolded and he needs to turn around three times. Then the child instructs the parent to post his nose to the face of another parent. If the nose is in the right position, the parents and child win the game. It is worth noting that parents should cover their eyes and cannot peek, and children can only command with languages. In order to prevent parents from falling down and getting injured due to the vertigo, the indoor soft play playground should be set properly.



2. Game of Looking for Children

This activity needs to prepare some cloth belts. And each family needs a parent and a child to be involved in. The children should walk around hand in hand, and the corresponding parent should be blindfolded to stand in the circle. Then children need to sing and walk around the parent. After finishing singing the song, the children can stop rotating, and then the parents need to find their own children. Obviously, the activity requires that the child cannot make a sound and that parents can only find their children by touching. Therefore, the indoor playground for toddlers can help create a safe environment for the game.



3. Game of Castle Fantasia

Each group needs a small ball and several blocks. First of all, parents should invite their children to build a castle with blocks or boxes. After the castle is built, the parents can tell the children to play a game of dropping bombs. Parents and children take turns attacking the castle with the ball until it collapses. After that, they should build the castle together and think about how to build a castle that is not easy to be destroyed. It's better for parents and children to take turns attacking the castle with the ball. If there is a indoor playground family fun play area at home, the game can also be played in the house.



4. Game of Carrying Eggs like Kangaroo

This game needs to prepare a certain number of sandbags. Parents stand at the beginning, and children stand at the end. Parents use their knees to hold the sandbags and jump from the starting point to the end point. Then they give the sandbag to the children waiting at the end point. After that, the children jump back to the starting point by holding the sandbag with their knees, and the one who reaches the starting point first wins the game. Because the game needs to jump, in order to prevent the accidental injury, it can be carried out in the children s indoor play area.



5. Game of Dribbling

We need to prepare some balloons. Parents and children should stand back to back and we can put a balloon between them. In the relay race, the team that reaches the destination first is the winner. For the safety of the game, the children s world indoor playground should remove sharp objects. 

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