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How Children from Climbing in the Adventure Park?

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How Children from Climbing in the Adventure Park?

How Children from Climbing in the Adventure Park?

Indoor climbing is a popular indoor playground equipment nowadays. Not only adults can play climbing, but also childhood are the best time to start learning climbing, because the flexibility and agility of children are better than those of adults.



1. Six Benefits for Children to Learn Climbing

(1) Increase the softness and coordination of the body.

(2) Enhance physical strength.

(3) Train concentration.

(4) Cultivate initiative.

(5) Improve self-confidence.

(6) Enhance balance.



2. How Old Can Children Start Climbing

Although rock climbing seems to have certain skills, strength and danger, in fact, rock climbing already has children's exclusive equipment, lower difficulty and safer protection measures. In foreign countries, some well-equipped climbing gyms can accept at least 2-year-old children to climb. Of course, this is done with the help of a professional coach. In  climbing gym in China, equipped with children's exclusive safety equipment, children around the age of 4 can try climbing under the protection of the coach.



3. Where Can Children Play Rock Climbing

For beginners of rock climbing, indoor rock climbing gym is the main way. Indoor climbing is safe for beginners and has few unforeseen factors. It can be trained regularly or specially.


On the climbing wall of the climbing gym, many different angles of rock boards can be seen. Rock boards can create a variety of different spatial shapes. There are different colors of climbing fulcrums on the rock board. These fulcrums are the holding points of hands and the landing points of feet when climbing. These color settings are also technical.



4. Difficulty Level of the Line

In the top rope route of the climbing gym, plastic cards are usually marked at the beginning of the route, indicating its name and grade. These routes also have color coded preservation. In China, it is usually graded according to the Yosemite Decimal System (YDS), ranging from 5.0 to 5.15c. The higher the number is, the more difficult it will be. In fact, for the novice group, mastering the basic climbing skills and methods is the most basic.



If in the form of non competitive, indoor climbing is usually divided into bouldering and rope climbing. The two are technically different, but the goals are exactly the same. It is to reach the top. For new students, top rope climbing is generally the first form of rock climbing.



5. How to Choose a Professional Climbing Gym

(1) See the Venue

It mainly depends on whether there are approved qualifications, relevant scope of business license, etc. in children’s playground.


(2) Coach

Whether they have the qualification certificate and whether they are consistent with each other.


(3) Security (Including Insurance)

In particular, whether the insurance is complete, including site and personnel insurance.



6. What Are the Professional Climbing Equipment

It generally includes suitable clothes, climbing shoes, safety belts and other equipment. Rock gym usually has special climbing shoes for rent, with disposable socks.


In addition, rock climbing has also been included in the national unified examination for college entrance examination students since 2018. Rock climbing is generally one of the main sports in children's playground. It not only can exercise, but also has practical value.

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