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How did SlamBall or Basketball Slam develop at indoor trampoline park?

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How did SlamBall or Basketball Slam develop at indoor trampoline park?

How Did SlamBall Or Basketball Slam Develop At Indoor Trampoline Park?

The trampoline originated in Europe and America. In addition to children jumping and playing on the trampoline, adults can also use the trampoline to exercise. With the development of trampolines in recent years, jump indoor trampoline park has become more and more popular.


The jumping trampoline place will organize events with different themes, such as birthday party indoor jump park or adventure trampoline park. Besides, there are many entertainments in the indoor trampoline park. The slamball is a popular sport for both adults and children.



1. What is the slamball?

The slamball is a teamwork sport that combines the characteristics of basketball, ice hockey, gymnastics and other projects. Advanced training mode, professional equipment and scientific game design are important guarantees for the safety of the slamball.


Advanced training methods include running training, traditional basketball training and strength training. Athletes can improve their physical fitness and flexibility with the help of trampoline. Professional equipment includes player equipment and slamball court equipment. In order to minimize the possibility of injury, all players must wear ankle bandages, elbow pads and knee pads in the official game. At the same time, specially designed court can also protect athletes from injury.


Traditional basketball players are easily injured within 3.5 meters of the basketball hoop. Because players in this area are rebounding or defending, they may sprain their ankles when they jump. With the unique design, the slamball keeps the players at an appropriate distance from the ground with the help of a trampoline. It reduces the crowding of players under the basket, which can greatly reduce the possibility of injury.



2. The founder of the slamball

The founder of the slamball is Mason Gordon, who is also a professional basketball player. Mason Gordon started his slamball career in a humble warehouse in Los Angeles. As the slamball gradually entered the Asian, Australian, European and South American markets, he is realizing his dream of making slamball popular all over the world.



3. The court of the slamball

A standard slamball court is a rectangle of 29.3mX17.1m. There are two baskets and two trampolines. The surface specification of each trampoline is 4.2 m x 2.1 m. The combination of trampoline and basketball creates a unique sense of movement.



4. The slamball rules

The rule of the SlamBall is four-to-four, allowing all physical contact (similar to ice hockey). There are four quarters(6 minutes per quarter) in each game of the slamball. The scoring rule is that the slam dunk outside the three-point line is three points, the dunk is 3 points, and the rest is 2 points. Team positions are divided into ball control, scorer and defender.



5. The development of the slamball

Nowadays, the MSAA (Global Spurs Development Alliance) has grown into an event league with 8 professional teams, TV broadcast networks and high overseas popularity. The MSAA has held the Global SlamBall Professional League for three consecutive years from 2006 to 2008. More than 70 games were held in each season, and the games were broadcast by more than 50 national television media. In 2012 and 2014, the fourth and fifth seasons of the Global SlamBall League were held in China, attracting a large number of Chinese fans to watch on the spot.


It doesn't matter if you don't have time to see the game. In the trampoline indoor playground, you can also participate in this sport. Whether you are an adult or a child, you can experience the fun of the slamball.

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