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How do the players keep safe in the indoor trampoline play place?

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How do the players keep safe in the indoor trampoline play place?

How do the players keep safe in the indoor trampoline play place?

Player safety matters

(1) Parents or guardians must be in the care of children under 4 years of age, otherwise they will not be allowed to get on the trampoline; avoid jumping on the net because of curiosity; pay special attention to not jumping on one foot or supporting the net with hands, which is easy to make your ankles sprain.


(2) Do not wear jewelry, necklaces, earrings, earrings, etc. when training or fitness on the trampoline, because once the body loses balance when the person falls and touches the net, it is extremely easy to hurt yourself. It is also not possible to keep long nails. "Even if your nails are beautiful, they are not allowed. Sometimes, it is easy to break your nails because of your body's unbalanced palms touching the net." In addition, children should not wear glasses on trampoline. The card issuer on the head is also dangerous goods.


(3) Whether you are doing fitness or professional training on a trampoline, it is strictly forbidden to bring fragile products, various containers, bats, wooden sticks, sharp objects and similar items into the trampoline.


(4) Never support the net with your hands when your body loses balance, prefer to fall down, pay attention to holding your chest with your hands, even if it is ejected. In addition, be careful of lower back injuries when practicing. Trampoline athletes have the most damage to the waist and ankles. Because the impact force when falling is very large, the height of the trampoline for people without professional training should not be too high.


(5) It is strictly forbidden to push people, pull people, hit people, or chase each other in the trampoline. If the above happen and the person neglects staff on the spot persuading and stopping for many times, for the safety of other personnel, they will be asked to leave the trampoline.


(6) It is strictly prohibited to enter the trampoline after drinking, high blood pressure, injured arms and legs, otherwise the consequences will be at your own risk;


(7) Since the trampoline is basically the participated by young people and young children, and the trampoline is mostly flammable materials, smoking should be strictly prohibited in the trampoline.


(8) Inform the player not to climb over the guardrail, and not to throw objects into the trampoline, the rest platform and the trampoline. There are special garbage bags and trash cans inside and outside the trampoline place.


(9) It is strictly forbidden to bring controlled knives, flammable, explosive, corrosive materials, etc., which may endanger the public safety of the venues and items prohibited by laws and regulations of our country into the trampoline fun zone.


(10) When the child is playing in the family fun indoor jump park, parents or guardians are advised not to leave the area around the park to prevent the child from finding contacts in an emergency.



To sum up

In fact, not only the indoor jump place, the stable development of any amusement project is inseparable from the safe production of equipment manufacturers, the safe operation of venue operators, and the self-protection awareness of players. It is precisely because of these guarantees that the trampoline can turn into public entertainment from professional sports competitions.


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