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How does fancy indoor playground integrate into Japanese kindergarten?

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How does fancy indoor playground integrate into Japanese kindergarten?

How does fancy indoor playground integrate into Japanese kindergarten?

When thinking of the kindergarten, there are the colorfully painted walls and the kids playground full of cartoon characters. However, with the development of society, the decoration of kindergartens has also improved. After checking the designs of some Japanese kindergartens, we found that they incorporate many natural elements. So how does fancy indoor playground integrate into Japanese kindergarten?



OB kindergarten: put the blue sky and the sea into the kindergarten

Obama Kodomoen is located in Nagasaki. It looks like an interactive museum designed for children. It is a combination of seascape, music and art. Considering the overall street planning, there are only clean logs and white basic colors. We often hear some customers asking for color decoration, but it is a fancy kids playground instead of the kindergarten built in that way. The whole unobstructed glass wall not only provides transparent natural light for the interior, but also provides an excellent view of the sea from the canteen. The designer also specially designed a set of slender stairs. You will reach the open-air balcony facing the sea by the stairs. From a distance, this balcony seems to float on the sea, which provides children with the opportunity to get close to the sea.




KM kindergarten: the natural courtyard makes children to exercise

When starting to design an abandoned kindergarten in southern Osaka, the main problem faced by the designer was the limited movement of children due to the limited space. In order to solve this problem, the designer wanted to create a fluid environment to naturally trigger children's movement. A part of the building is integrated with the outdoor playground through a ramp. The children can reach the playground from the roof gradually. This can easily encourage children to exercise. The courtyard is an important place for children to get a life experience and grow up. Neither rubber nor artificial turf is used in the courtyard, natural turf or flowers and trees are used, which can exude natural flavor. There will also be many small animals here, children can get more life experience and accumulate more knowledge. In addition, they will try their best to create a better enviroment, so that children can exercise and improve physical strength.



Aisaka Architects: Natural and safe design conquers hearts

This kind of kindergarten with a ring-shaped roof garden is located in Funabashi, Japan. The designer will provide 160 children with a safe activity indoor playground that not only fully communicates with nature, but also allows parents and employees not to worry about children at all times. The entrance is enclosed by a quadrilateral wall and roof, and children can wait for their parents at the platform of the building. The building's atrium design can not only provide children with rich and interesting activities, but also quickly evacuate people in emergency situations. The patio garden enhances the building's ventilation, and the roof deck and vegetable garden enhance the roof's insulation. Children can also learn a variety of knowledge about natural phenomena such as vegetation, wind and rain formation. In Amanenomori kindergarten, every space seems to be soft and comfortable. The main reason is that the designer uses many curved designs, which makes people feel more relaxing.


The design of each Japanese kindergarten incorporates elements of the best indoor playground. When designing a kindergarten, we shouldn't just have simple color decoration. We also need to learn how to integrate the fancy kids playground into the kindergarten.

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