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How much is the gigantic slide from the family fun indoor playground?

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How much is the gigantic slide from the family fun indoor playground?

How much is the gigantic slide from the family fun indoor playground?

Among the many slide styles, the most interesting and enjoyable one is the indoor children's devil slide. With its cool appearance and visually thrilling and stimulating sensation, the Devil Slide has caused an enthusiastic market response since its birth in the world. It has successfully captured a child fan and has become a very beautiful scenery in the children's trampoline play centres.


For the operators of trampoline fun zone, there are many doubts about the introduction of the devil slide. Is the devil slide safe? How much is the devil slide equipment? If your also wants to introduce the devil slide, the following knowledge will be of great help to you.


Classification of gigantic slide

In order to meet the different needs of children of all ages. There are three types of devil slides: wavy devil slide, two-stage devil slide, and 90 ° right-angle devil slide, which can be played by young children and adults.


1. The wave-shaped devil slide (rainbow slide), the wave-shaped devil slide is the basic model in the slide, also known as the rainbow slide. The appearance design mainly uses waves as elements, and it looks like waves after waves, children seem to fall down with the waves, giving people the illusion of surfing in the sea. The rainbow-like gorgeous colors match together, bringing a strong visual impact, which makes people unable to open their eyes with just one glance.


2. The two-stage devil slide can be said to be an extended version of the large open skateboard. The open big skateboard without clear boundaries is enough to stimulate. As its extended version, the two-stage devil slide is naturally very challenging.


3. Devil slide at 90 ° right angle, but it is the highlight of the devil slide. Even if you think about it, it feels exciting. The 90 ° devil slide is not 90 ° in the full sense, and it will be slightly inclined. Of course, compared with the first two slides, the difficulty has also increased. As long as you have enough courage, maintain the correct posture, and strictly abide by the rules of the slide, the 90-degree right-angle devil slide is also so easy to play, but it must be bold.



Is the gigantic slide safe to play?

Because the appearance of the devil slide gives people a particularly dangerous visual sense, the safety of the devil slide has also been questioned by parents and operators. Not only do parents dare not let their children play, but some operators also dare not introduce them. So, is the devil slide safe to play? The answer is relatively safe, because like other amusement equipment, the devil slide is designed according to the psychological and physical characteristics of the child, that is, the safety issues in children's play are fully considered.


On both sides of the slide are high guard rails, which provide a safe and secure play environment for children's thrilling and exciting slide experience. Although the design of the devil slide is relatively safe, in order to ensure that no accidents occur, the devil slide must strictly abide by the rules of the slide and maintain the correct sliding posture. The correct posture for slipping is to hug your hands across your chest, move your butt slowly forward a little, and swipe down with a swish.


Don't slap or push each other at the entrance of the slide. In addition, children who are too young or have diseases such as heart disease should not play the devil slide that is too difficult.



Gigantic slide material

The main material of the devil slide is glass fiber reinforced plastic, stainless steel and PVC leather. The size, slope, height and length and color can be customized according to customer requirements. The birthday party indoor jump park can choose the appropriate material according to its size and budget.



How much does the gigantic slide cost?

Should the devil slide be calculated according to square meters or according to the equipment? Generally speaking, the devil slide is quoted according to the equipment, because the devil slide has various styles and diversified products. It needs to be customized according to the venue. Therefore, the price of equipment in different venues is also different. It may be the same area, but the price will change when the height is different. Therefore, indoor jump place should choose the right devil slide according to their actual situation.

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