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How to Find Suitable Kindergarten Chairs?

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How to Find Suitable Kindergarten Chairs?

How to Find Suitable Kindergarten Chairs?

Kindergarten is indoor soft play area for the safety of kids. And kindergarten tables and chairs are one of the necessary supporting equipment for kindergartens, and also the kindergarten furniture that children have the most contact with. The quality of the table and chairs in the kindergarten is directly related to the children's physical health, affecting the cultivation of the child's correct sitting posture, and even affecting the children's learning efficiency.



Safe and Non-toxic Materials

Kindergarten children are weak in self-protection and resistance. Inferior kindergarten furniture will directly threaten their safety and health, this is why kindergarten is indoor soft playground. Therefore, in recent years, the importance of environmental safety and environmental impact on children has been listed as a condition that must be considered by kindergartens. After all, children are easily disturbed during growth and affect health and development.


When purchasing tables and chairs, kindergarten tables and chairs made of inferior plastic materials and a large number of synthetic plates using adhesives must be discarded. Kindergarten tables and chairs made of imported environmentally friendly plastic materials or solid wood should be used. In addition, the paint film on the surface of wooden kindergarten tables and chairs also affects the safety of kindergarten tables and chairs. It is best to choose kindergarten tables and chairs whose surfaces are environmentally friendly water-based paint and wood wax oil.



Avoid Sharp Edges

All corners of the kindergarten table should be trimmed and passivated, and the four corners have rounded corners to prevent children from colliding or scratching when reaching or leaving the table. After being passivated, the edge of the table can minimize the damage, even if it is accidentally bumped, it is not easy to cause an open wound.


Just like other soft play surface in kindergarten, all the corners of the kindergarten chair also need to be rounded, such as the chair surface, backrest, chair legs and armrests, need to have such a design, the purpose is also to avoid injury caused by collision.



 Sufficient Weight and Load-bearing

The kindergarten special table must be able to provide an absolutely stable plane. Therefore, the weight and bearing of the table itself are very important. The table has an appropriate weight so that when the child is operating on the table, it will not be too light and easy to move to cause danger.


The load-bearing capacity of the special table in kindergarten is also a part that must be considered. After all, when young children play games or operational activities on the table, there may be two hands supporting and pressing the table together, and may even try to sit on the table. If the gravity resistance of the table is not enough, it may be deformed and affect the stability of the table.


The special chair for kindergarten bears the main role of bearing the weight of the child, so the limit and allowable weight that can be cared by the parents and parents need to pay special attention to before buying. The proper weight of the chair itself can help the child maintain a safe sitting position.



 Good Anti-slip Design

The table legs have anti-slip design, even on different ground materials such as the soft ground for playground in kindergarten, it can provide good anti-slip properties and stability, and it is not easy to drop objects on the table due to a slight collision.


It is absolutely necessary for the chair legs to have anti-slip design. The sliding foot with a roller is not suitable for children, which will cause potential safety risks and increase the chance of the child falling.



In addition to soft play for kids, tables and chairs in kindergarten are directly related to the safety and health of children, and also affect the learning and life of children. Kindergartens must strictly control the purchase of kindergarten tables and chairs, and do not buy low-quality kindergarten tables and chairs.

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