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How to Maintain Outdoor Slide Sets?

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How to Maintain Outdoor Slide Sets?

How to Maintain Outdoor Slide Sets?

Outdoor slide set is a kind of outdoor playground equipment, which is one of children's favorite amusement facilities, and also one of the necessary amusement facilities in kindergarten, community, park and scenic spot. As an outdoor playground equipment, if the outdoor slide set is not maintained for a long time, there will be potential safety hazards and the service life of the slide will be reduced. The following describes how to maintain the outdoor slide set.



Importance of Maintaining Outdoor Slide Set

The outdoor slide set is generally made up of various parts. The manufacturer of some slide parts did not install the parts in place when installing the parts, for example, the screws were not tightened, or some places were lack of screws. These problems are hard to find during installation, and will be exposed only after the outdoor slide set has been used for a period of time. As the outdoor slide set is used longer, the screws that are not in place will loosen and even fall off the parts. This will not only affect the life of the outdoor slide set, but also cause damage to children.



How to Maintain The Outdoor Slide Set

1. The manager must check whether the screws of the outdoor slide set are loose every two months. If the screws are loose, they must be tightened in time. 


2. The manager shall check whether the paint of the metal parts of the outdoor slide set is damaged at any time. If the paint is scraped off, it should be repainted in time to prevent the metal parts from rusting.


3. The plastic part of the outdoor slide set shall not be damaged by people with blunt tools, otherwise the parts will crack. The cracked plastic can scratch children playing with slides. In addition, when the plastic cracks, its strength will decline seriously. When children play on these plastic slides, they may crush the whole slide and cause safety accidents.


4. If the outdoor slide set is made of wood, the manager should not only check the tightness of the screws, but also brush the wood with transparent paint frequently, so as to prevent the wood from being corroded.


5. In case of rainy days, the manager shall clean up the water on the slide surface in time after the rain stops. This can not only prevent children from falling on the slide, but also prevent the metal parts of the slide from being rusted.


6. There will be dust accumulation on the surface of the outdoor slide set, and it should be cleaned regularly with detergent to ensure the smooth surface of the slide.


7. When the slide is not used for a long time, the manager shall use plastic cloth to wrap the slide, so as to prevent the slide from aging. 


8. When it is found that the slide has aging phenomenon, the aging degree of the slide shall be checked, and the manufacturer shall be contacted in time for identification to ensure whether the slide can continue to be used. 


The above is the maintenance method of outdoor slide set. As an outdoor playground equipment, It is easy to be damaged, so it needs to be maintained at any time. 

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