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How to Promote Membership Cards to Your Customers of Kids Playground?

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How to Promote Membership Cards to Your Customers of Kids Playground?

How to Promote Membership Cards to Your Customers of Kids Playground?

Membership card is a main income channel of kids playground. But many investors complain that the return of membership card is not high, far below their expectations. The reason is that investors use the wrong marketing methods. As an investor, if you have a clear understanding of the following points, you will find that the marketing of membership card is not as difficult as you think.



Foundation of Promoting Membership Card

In order to improve the promotion effect of membership card, investors should first carry out unified training for the staff, and ask them to be familiar with the contents of various discounts and advantages of amusement equipment. This is convenient for customers to grasp the key points quickly and have a general understanding of the whole kids playground.


At the same time, the staff should understand some common questions that the customers will ask, so that the staff can reply the customers in time, facilitate the customers to visit the kids playground, and improve the success rate of the transaction.


But it's worth noting that if a salesman starts to sell a product after only a short conversation with the customer, it may cause the customer's antipathy. At the same time, talking with customers for a long time is not conducive to their understanding of the characteristics of the product. So salesmen need the ability to seize the opportunity.



Reasonable Pricing

Different effective time of trampoline indoor park membership card has different influence on the return of funds and the realization of income. The longer the effective time of membership card, the greater the discount customers can enjoy. This is not only conducive to the accumulation of popularity, but also to the sales of peripheral products.


However, in the actual marketing process, it is better to understand and analyze the customer's consumption situation and conditions. Salesmen can provide customers with a variety of options for customers to choose from. 



How to Promote Membership Card

The most common way to promote membership card is to attract customers' attention through gifts, free experience, etc. Salesmen need to analyze customers' needs and concerns, and then reasonably guide customers to consume and apply for membership cards.


Secondly, if you want to reduce the customer's resistance, the salesmen need to analyze the customer's needs from the customer's perspective. Salesmen can compare the price of tickets with the price of membership cards to let customers realize the difference in fees. It can also take customers to visit the kids playground, so that customers can understand the equipment, service quality, health conditions, etc.



Precautions in The Marketing Process

After identifying the customer, the salesman should first explain the price to the customer. Only in this way can the customer know the price of the product immediately and let the customer decide whether to buy the product. If the customer is satisfied with the price, the salesman can continue to introduce the characteristics of the product to the customer, which can save the energy of the salesman.


Through the above methods, we can solve most of the problems in the process of promoting the membership card of kids playground. But more details need to be analyzed according to the actual situation.

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