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How to Safely Play in the Spider Trampoline Tower?

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How to Safely Play in the Spider Trampoline Tower?

How to Safely Play in the Spider Trampoline Tower

"Spider Tower" is the name of a trampoline project. It is said that it has become more popular recently, and it can be called the net red movement. The elastic rope is soaked in special baht special rubber, which is 10 times stronger than ordinary elastic and better elasticity, suitable for all people. Players fall from the heights layer by layer, which is as thrilling as a roller coaster, so the spider tower has been loved by people since its appearance in the indoor bounce house park.



Composition of spider tower


The spider tower is composed of columns, platforms, stairs, handrails, climbing frames, elastic ropes, etc. It is made of high-quality hot-rolled plates and steel pipes. After processing and forming, it is derusted, phosphated, and painted. Wrapped with a layer of PVC naughty castle package, it is soft and comfortable to prevent the collision of falling, thereby protecting the safety of children.


How to play the spider tower


There are many ways to play Spider Tower, there are three common ones:


1. Players simply drop down layer by layer, which is also the most common gameplay. This gameplay has relatively large requirements for people's guts.


2. It is combined with a rotating slide, this gameplay is more interesting.


The combination of gameplay one and two, this gameplay combines fun and excitement, the difficulty factor is higher, but the game experience is also relatively perfect.


Safety precautions for Spider Tower


The structure of the Net Red Spider Tower is formed by a steel frame to form a grid-shaped leaking pool of 2 * 2 meters or 2.5 * 2.5 meters. The height varies from 2.8 meters to 6 meters, and the middle is connected with elastic webbing. This provides a certain resistance effect for falling tourists.


1. Equipment Safety


In terms of equipment safety, the main safety risk of the spider tower comes from the elastic webbing and the bottom support surface risk.


Material and installation of elastic webbing


Elastic webbing is generally made of elastic rope with soft surface. Some trampoline palaces are relatively early generation. The elastic webbing is a generation of safety webbing. The surface has a certain toughness, which is easy to cause strain on the human body.


Secondly, the fixed installation of elastic webbing is also very particular. The general method we use is the more elastic and tighter the fixing method. Some trampoline halls may use an infinite loop fixing method because of the inexperience of the installation master. This fixing method is easy to correct. The elastic webbing causes damage, and once the loop node falls off, it is easy to cause the elastic webbing to be unstressed, which may cause a safety risk.


Pay attention to the bottom support surface


The support surface at the bottom is also very particular. The spider web tower is generally a play method that leaks layer by layer through the elastic web at a height of more than two or three meters above the support surface. Therefore, when a person hits the ground, there is still a high impact force. If the underlying stress surface is too hard, it is easy to cause a fracture.


Therefore, the bottom support surface is generally supported by a 1.2-meter trampoline surface, because the trampoline surface is soft, and the impact force will be buffered by the elastic force of the spring after being stressed, so it is a very safe force surface.


There are also many designs of trampoline fun zone that use sponge pools or ocean ball pools as stress surfaces. If the sponge pool is used, the sponge thickness of the sponge pool should be at least 70CM, and if the ocean ball pool is used as the elastic surface, a 40cm high airbag should be laid at the bottom as a buffer zone.



The above information reminds us to pay more attention to protection when going to the amusement park to play the spider tower. More multi-functional amusement projects can be found in the indoor adventure jump park. The above information reminds us to pay more attention to protection when going to the amusement park to play the spider tower. More multi-functional amusement projects can be found in the National Fitness Indoor Trampoline Theme Park. The customer groups of trampoline venues are mainly concentrated between 3-35 years old. This kind of crowd is young and energetic, pursuing new things and having individuality, so different trampoline centers also have their own characteristics.

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