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How to Write Admission of Kid Playground?

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How to Write Admission of Kid Playground?

How to Write Admission of Kid Playground?

In this passage, we have summarized some of the fancy kid playground’s reminders and admission instructions. we hope that through the introduction of several different play venues we will teach you how to write admissions for fancy kid playground.



Admission for Sand Pool

1. Toddlers need to take off their shoes to enter and play.


2. Parents should pay attention to prevent kids from splashing each other when playing, rubbing their eyes, and avoid the sand from entering the eyes.


3. Parents should be careful not to let children get sand in the mouth.


4. For the sake of children's hygiene and health, we refuse the baby wearing crotch pants to enter.


5. Kids should be supervised by the parents when playing, and remind the baby not to be injured at any time.


6. Do not allow young children to eat, drink or urinate in the sand pond to ensure the cleanliness of the sand pond.


7. In the process of playing, please take the responsibility of guardianship, prohibit pushing and slapping, raising sand, and avoiding crowding.



Admission for the Building Block

1. Please enter with the ticket of the day and the wristband for admission.


2. Before entering the venue, please cooperate with the staff to wear a wristband, wash your hands, and measure your temperature to enter the venue.


3. Please take off your shoes, wear socks, and put the shoes in the shoe cabinet designated by the park. After storing, please remember your storage location.


4. Babies under 2 years of age need to wear diapers to enter. For the safety of children, parents need to monitor them throughout the process.


5. It is forbidden for children to chase around the play area, throwing each other and throwing building blocks.


6. It is forbidden to bring food and drinks into it. If necessary, please eat in the rest area of the park.


7. If you need help, please consult the staff around you at any time.



Admission for Indoor Trampoline Park

1. Please wear non-slip socks and sportswear. Do not enter the indoor trampoline park with bare backs, bare feet or shoes.


2. Children under 1.2 meters must be accompanied by their parents to enter the venue. Children are prohibited from entering the venue alone. Parents are requested to accompany with kids. The guardian should be an adult over the age of 18 who is easily accessible.


3. There is an upper limit for the number of people in the trampoline area each time, please follow the staff's arrangement.


4. Participants who exceed the limited number are requested to be patient and orderly wait at the entrance.


5. Please empty your pocket and store any sharp items in the locker. It is best not to wear glasses when children are on the trampoline.


6. Do not bring food or drinks into the trampoline area.


7. Do not chew gum, candy or any food in the mouth.


8. Do not do trampoline exercise after excessive drinking or overeating.


9. Each independent trampoline can only be used by one person at a time.


10. Never chase, run, or perform dangerous actions such as collision with others.


11. Physical discomfort, such as fatigue, staying up late, sickness and other unsuitable sports, participation in trampoline is prohibited.


12. Do not rest on the trampoline net and protective cushions.


13. Do not hang or climb on the inclined trampoline, protective cushion or basketball rack.


14. Never jump on the ground with one foot.


15. Do not jump on the protective cushion or jump on the protective cushion.



Admission for the Ball Pool

1. This venue is suitable for children under 1.3 meters in height.


2. Please do not eat snacks or drinks in the venue.


3. Entering personnel must take off their shoes and wear socks, measure body temperature and wash their hands with no-clean hand sanitizer.


4. Hard sharp objects on children cannot be brought into the venue.


5. Unsafe play behavior is not allowed, climbing and playing on the safety net is strictly prohibited.


6. When playing in the ball pool, the head should be exposed, and it is not allowed to throw each other with ball or take the ball out of the ball pool.


7. Do not jump directly down from the height of the device to avoid falling or hitting other children.


8. To ensure health and safety, children with heart disease, infectious diseases and mental illnesses are prohibited from entering the venue.


9. The facilities in this venue are for safety reasons. Anyone who is injured by violation of the above regulations will be borne by the responsible party. The venue is not responsible for accidents caused by reasons other than the quality of the facility.


10. It is forbidden to urinate or spit anywhere in the venue. In case of children vomiting or emergencies, please contact the staff in time for proper disposal.


11. Children entering the venue must be accompanied by parents at all times.



Admission for DIY area

1. This area is a separate charge item.


2. Once the goods are sold, they will not be returned.


3. If you cause damage to the sale or affects the secondary sale, please buy it at the price.



The above admissions for five different fancy kid playgrounds have two aspects in general. One is to protect the interests of operators and the other is to protect the safety of children. These two aspects should be considered when formulating other play instructions.

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