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How to design fancy indoor children playground?

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How to design fancy indoor children playground?

How to design fancy indoor children playground?

At present, more and more investors have invested in the indoor children playground. How to design the space of the indoor children playground and how to attract more customers' attention? Please refer to the following design.



Design Principles of Indoor Children Playground

1. Safety design. Because children are not mature enough in physical and psychological development, they are very vulnerable to the surrounding environment. Therefore, in the design of the children playground, we must put safety first. The location of indoor children playground should be far away from the roadway and the public places with disordered surrounding environment as far as possible, but the indoor children playground should not become the blind spots, so as to prevent the threat of vehicles and crime to children. In addition, we must pay attention to the safety of indoor playground equipment and the safety of the site design. There should be no dangerous protrusions (such as nails and bolts), sharp edges, sharp corners, so as to avoid accidental injuries when children are playing.


2. The design of the kids playground should follow the needs of the diversity of children's activities, and consider the characteristics of children's thirst for knowledge, strong curiosity, energy and desire to explore the surrounding world. The design should integrate interest, participation, diversity and knowledge, so as to create a relaxed, natural and functional playground for children. Make full use of the site's own resources for design, such as pools, hillsides, groves and other landscapes, so as to adapt to local conditions, take local materials, respect nature as much as possible, and do not excessively pursue artificial traces.


3. In the landscape design of the indoor children playground, the senses of sight, hearing, smell and taste constitute the design dimension. The design of the indoor children playground must pay attention to the height and range of the children's sight, so that the interior of the design can be easily seen by them, and it will cause interest in the venue and equipment. One of the characteristics of children is that they are constantly developing. The diversity of children's behavior development makes the mechanism of children's growth environment complex, diverse and changeable. From passive to active, from imitation to creation, all reflect the actual promotion significance of the venue for children.



Design Elements of Indoor Children Playground

1. Terrain

The changeable terrain allows children to roll, dive, slide, hide, etc. Therefore, the existing elevation-changing terrain can be used and strengthened in the design, or the terrain can be made by artificial fluctuation. If the slope changes abruptly, consider using the terrain to design the slide. The flat ground can be used for sports venues.


2. Pool and Sand

Generally, the pool design mainly adopts the natural type. The natural shoreline and revetment are environments for children of all ages to train their hands-on operation ability. The water cannot be too deep. Different depth pools shall be set according to age or height to ensure the safety of children. Sand is an important place for children to exercise and build ability and endurance, which is often combined with pool.


3. Road Pavement

The road surface around the indoor children playground should be flat and smooth. The place should use protective ground to reduce injury accidents. And it should be selected bright and lively colors in color selection.



In short, when designing the indoor children play area, we must  understand children and their needs, and create a healthy and happy new world for children.

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