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How to educate children through entertainment at the indoor playground?

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How to educate children through entertainment at the indoor playground?

How to educate children through entertainment at the indoor playground?

In recent years, indoor playgrounds have shown a strong development trend. From the world's largest indoor theme park, Seoul Lotte World, to the Joypolis, Baolong Park and Wanda Mao Theme Park, and to small and medium-sized children's amusement parks, indoor playgrounds play an increasingly important role in the amusement industry. The following takes Wanda Mao Theme Park in Nanning as an example to introduce the development status of indoor playground.



IP Implantation

In the age of IP traffic, amusement projects lacking content can no longer meet the needs of consumers, so we must give the project meaning and life. There are many ways and ways to implant IP in a project. The Disneyland and Piggy Page theme parks are based on their own animations and movies, and the storyline runs through the entire park. Hengdian World Studios reproduces historical scenes in the project by restoring famous historical events in ancient China. Wanda Mao Theme Park is integrated into the cultural characteristics of the local Zhuang nationality, showing the unique cultural charm of the minority.


The implantation of IP is not blind. Guangxi is the settlement of the Zhuang nationality. Using the Zhuang element as the IP is obviously easier to be recognized. If the Miao and Dai are used as the IP element, although there will be a new feeling, but it can not arouse the resonance of tourists. As one of the most famous IPs, Disneyland has rich stories, strong entertainment, and is deeply loved. However, due to the limitation of cultural atmosphere, it still lacks the shock of the historical scenes in Hengdian World Studios. There is no absolute good or bad choice of IP. For the target group, it is the most important to find their own fun and resonate.



One-stop Consumption

Attracting consumers is the first step in the success of the project. How to make consumers stay in the target area for a longer time is the key to the continued profitability of the project. The small-scale indoor playgrounds in shopping malls and shopping malls mainly rely on the large environment, so external passenger flow has a greater impact on the park. The large-scale indoor playground needs to enrich its own supporting facilities. The shopping, dining, amusement model has become a basic configuration. Wanda Mao Theme Park presents the functions of catering and sales in the form of national architecture, which has both practical value and a beautiful scenery.



Boutique and Characteristic Route

Due to space constraints, the indoor play structure are usually smaller than outdoor theme parks, but the advantage of indoors is that they are not affected by the weather and the loss is small. Therefore, indoor parks are more suitable for differentiated and featured boutique routes. This requires greater efforts in architectural decoration, children playground equipment selection and environmental construction, and the selection of the most distinctive and expressive form, striving for perfection.


As the one of the essence of Wanda Mao Theme Park, the Zhuang brocade is one of the four famous brocades in China. It is colorful and diverse in texture, showing a warm and cheerful national style. Therefore, after deepening the design, this style is used as a focal element, greatly enhancing the entertainment quality of indoor space, and showing the long history and profound cultural background of Guangxi. As the most representative cultural relic in Guangxi, the simple and exquisite bronze drum is decorated in the lighting roof, long street platform and other space parts through artistic treatment, which highlights the unique aesthetic consciousness and mysterious romantic atmosphere of the interior space.




The target audience of most indoor parks includes adolescent groups, and education has always been a top priority for the growth of adolescents. Therefore, integrating the elements of education into the inside play area is not only a bright spot to attract customers, but also a contribution to education.


The Zhuang elements of Wanda Mao Theme Park are both IP and propaganda for ethnic minorities from the inside out. In the process of playing, children can learn about the Zhuang's architectural style, living habits, and ethnic culture.



With the development of economy and the improvement of consumption level, the public's consumption demand for leisure and entertainment will be higher and higher. As an important part of a better life, the amusement industry is facing new opportunities and challenges for development. With outdoor theme parks becoming increasingly saturated, indoor play places will seize more market share and occupy a more important position by virtue of their advantages.

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