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How to encourage your employees to promote sales in the kids playground?

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How to encourage your employees to promote sales in the kids playground?

How to encourage your employees to promote sales in the kids playground?

In recent years, the children's amusement industry is experiencing a vigorous development period, and its market is constantly expanding. Many people aiming at this business opportunity are considering pouring into the amusement industry. But in the complicated market, there are also something worried for the investors. The management will be the key factor in determining success or failure. In addition to formulating marketing strategies for customers, what other skills can help us effectively operate the fancy kids playground?



Breakdown of Performance Objectives

We can break down the set performance goals into every time period of the day, so that employees have a sense of direction and participation. After decomposing the performance objectives of fancy kids playground, the employees will have a stronger sense of direction. They only need to make a decision every day to complete the performance objectives of the day.



Employee Reward Mechanism

1. Performance Achievement Reward Mechanism

We can set a special reward mechanism for employees who complete performance goals. For example, if the employee achieve basic performance goals, the employee can reward 50 yuan. Reaching the all challenge goal, each employee can reward another 100 yuan on the original basis as an additional employee reward mechanism.


2. PK Reward Mechanism

In addition to this single reward mechanism, PK can also be used to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees. PK can make high motivated employees more efficient at work, and can also allow low motivated employees to learn from high motivated employees.



Specific Process of Motivating Employees

Make clear the sales target and find the basis for specifying the target. The sales target of the current year or month shall be formulated by referring to the performance of the previous year. You can list the performance of a certain period last year and compare it with the performance target of this year.


When apportioning performance every month, most of the performance targets can be apportioned in the first two weeks, and appropriate reductions can be made in the next two weeks. In this way, in the early stage of participating in the achievement of performance objectives, if there is deviation or the achievement of objectives is not in place, it can timely use the reserved time to adjust the plan or incentive policy. Through data analysis, make corresponding adjustments and strategic incentives.


Performance goals should be refined to everyone. The more detailed the goal setting, the stronger the employee's sense of participation. When setting performance goals, don't just stay on the numbers, but have a specific workload, and pay attention to improving employees' abilities. After the team incentive PK policy is jointly formulated, the specific matters and details shall be released so that all employees are clear.



When formulating overall performance goals, the reward mechanism can also be shared with everyone to find the real needs of employees. There is no unachievable goal, only the mentality of not willing to participate. So as long as the team is willing to participate, and ignite the passion of employees through the PK, reward and punishment mechanism, it can help the team have direction, motivation, and relatively easy to achieve the performance goals of fancy kids playground.

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