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How to keep indoor trampoline park safe and clean in the long run?

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How to keep indoor trampoline park safe and clean in the long run?

How to keep indoor trampoline park safe and clean in the long run?

The Spring Festival in 2020 is destined to be unforgettable. As war against coronavirus pneumonia started and continued, China was caught in an unprecedented war against epidemic. In order to protect people from the epidemic, the offline children's paradise had to be closed. Combined with the current domestic situation, the epidemic in April may be basically controlled. Before that, the jumping trampoline place operators need to be prepared to meet the outbreak of consumption after the epidemic. The most important point is safety protection.



Clear distinction between functional areas

Because jump indoor trampoline parks are easily contaminated with food and drinks, resulting in the breeding of bacteria and insects, there must be a clear distinction between play areas, rest areas and dining areas, and food waste must be removed daily.


Among them, the play area should be distinguished according to different game equipment. For example, in the activity area with a slide (at least 1.5 meters under the slide and near the entrance of the slide), the color must be distinguished on the ground to avoid the risk of collision between children playing or passing nearby.



Clean and disinfect the amusement device regularly

Site operations managers need to regularly clean and disinfect visible surfaces and amusement equipment at a frequency of at least once a week; the ground needs to be cleaned daily, especially in areas with minimal play and some hidden corners, for example, under the trampoline.


In addition, trampoline places should have good natural ventilation conditions or fresh air systems, and have certain restrictions on the number of children they can receive at the same time. When entering the paradise, children and parents should be required to take off their shoes.


Use of safe materials for gaming equipment

As an indoor place for children's activities, the selected materials must pass the national heat resistance test and meet the standard requirements; at the same time, the levels of harmful substances released by interior decoration materials and mobile appliances must meet the corresponding standards.


We should ensure that fans, ventilators, cables and other dangerous electrical equipment and lighting facilities cannot be touched by children by jumping or climbing to avoid the risk of electric shock.



Regular maintenance of amusement equipment

The devil is in the details, and it is very necessary for site operations managers to check the possible danger points once a day.


For example: check whether the connection part of the device is firm, the metal frequently-moving connection part, the circuit appliances and ordinary parts are damaged, and all parts should not be left with spiked parts to avoid potential safety hazards.



To sum up

After the epidemic, people will pay more attention to safety and health! For the public place of indoor jump place, we have to consider a longer term, provide customers with a safe and clean play environment, and create their own brand characteristics of the park.

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