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How to make family fun indoor trampoline park profitable?

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How to make family fun indoor trampoline park profitable?

How to make family fun indoor trampoline park profitable?

On September 14, the leisure sports brand Air Factory Trampoline Hall has completed tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing. The main profitable income of the Air Factory is retail, membership cards, group building, birthday events, etc. The per capita consumption is about 178 yuan. At present, the number of members of the Air Factory has exceeded 20,000. When it opened its sixth store, Revenue has exceeded 50 million. How is the air factory make family fun indoor trampoline park profitable?




Aiming at the parent-child market, the trampoline movement is reborn

Bounce house indoor playground has many benefits for children, such as socializing, health, relaxation ... So, the breakthrough point for seeking change is the child. To be a parent-child market, I hope that parents and children will come to the Air Factory to play together, so that they can be learning while playing.


The two-child policy has further released a huge incremental market, and the prospect of the trampoline market is also obvious. From the perspective of the industry life cycle, the parent-child industry is more inclined to the "evergreen industry", and the product life cycle fluctuations are small. This feature determines that the parent-child industry is not a "fast food" industry, but a high return on investment. Industry.




Social media promotes trampoline

In fact, indoor exercise trampolines can quickly become popular, and Tiktok and stars have become important boosters. At first, many people learned about the trampoline channel, which is the variety of entertainment methods on Tiktok such as "Trampoline Princess Hugging", "Eaves Walk", "Air Bounce" and so on. The fashion blogger on Tiktok has done a lot of free promotion for the trampoline sport.


Freshness and fun are the reasons why indoor bounce house park fascinate older children on Tiktok. In addition, there are other recreational facilities such as naughty castles, sponge pools, rock climbing, etc. In addition to the trampoline itself, it also naturally has the effect of weight loss, which has made many girls rush.




The core competitiveness is service quality and brand management

In terms of service quality, letting consumers enjoy is the goal of the air factory, and in daily meetings, the theme of many meetings with the staff is "how to improve service quality." The founder of Air Factory said: "We pay great attention to the user's reputation, and we will never live up to the expectations of any customer who comes to consume.


In terms of brand management, the employees of the Air Factory have VI vision, decoration style, management words, and even course materials. The Air Factory is also updated once a month, and even the management of employee dormitory has strict rules and regulations.




At present, this jumping sport that has become popular in the world has attracted many children and young people to participate in its own charm. The financing of the Air Factory may add enough confidence to this segment of the sports market. If you plan to enter the field of trampoline amusement, welcome to come to discuss cooperation.

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