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How to prepare for kids playground business on Children’s Day?

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How to prepare for kids playground business on Children’s Day?

How to prepare for kids playground business on Children’s Day?

If the children playgrounds want to have a good business, it should not only rely on superior geographical location, fun and interesting children playground equipment, and the overall market situation, but also need to rely on the intentions of operators. When the revenue is not ideal, you can think about it from the following aspects:


A. Is the planning of the store area wrong? Please review and improve it as soon as possible: function distribution, game combination, space positioning, customer positioning, market support, etc.


B. Analysis of operating management data. Please quantify the comparison of relevant business data and make a good budget of operating data as soon as possible, align the market and regulate the business direction.


C. The management team and service team are the core improvement work. Without good management strength, there is no market competitiveness, and even no creativity in revenue.


D. The marketing mechanism and promotion planning (event planning) are the competitiveness of occupying the market. Event planning without finding the right direction is a failed activity.


Generally speaking, during the holidays, the target market of consumer groups is concentrated, highly targeted, and has a high conversion rate. As the operator of kids playgrounds, mastering all the hotspots of holiday promotion has a great positive effect on the profits and promotion of the playground. Therefore, how to make a good holiday profit, it is worth pondering for every operator.



Event planning is a very important method in the operation of a paradise. A good event planning should have the following characteristics:



1. The event planning has mass communication.

A good event planning will pay attention to the participation and interaction of the audience. It can stimulate the reputation of the entertainment venue brand in the consumer group. Even the event itself has a certain news value, which can be disseminated as soon as possible to attract public attention.



2. The event planning has a deep interpretation function.

The nature of the event planning advertisement itself determines that it cannot be expressed in a comprehensive manner. However, through event planning, we can clearly explain what consumers want. Therefore, event planning can spread the target information which is to be communicated in the entertainment venue more accurately and in detail.



3. The event planning has public relations function.

The event planning is often carried out around a theme. Most of these themes are related to joy, prizes, participation, satisfaction, etc., which are close to the lives of consumers and can gain the reputation of the majority of consumers. through the development of these subjects, it can maximize the brand image of entertainment venues, so that consumers can not only obtain satisfaction from the game, but also obtain spiritual satisfaction and joy.



4. The event planning has economic advantages.

The traditional form of event planning advertising has entered a mature period, advertising costs are becoming more and more transparent, the price discount is very small, entertainment venues often spend millions of advertising costs. However, the cost of planning a promotional event in a playground place is much smaller than the advertising cost, and it can quickly achieve results, at the same time, it can reach consumers more directly and obtain market feedback in a timely manner.



Finally, we should note that the purpose of event planning is to attract players and strengthen the stickiness with customers. Therefore, activities should not be too frequent. Do not blindly plan, organize, or perform activities for the event. We need to plan corresponding activities according to the goals we want to achieve.


The Childrens Day will come, as an operator of fancy kids playgrounds, you can plan a good activities according to the above tips.

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