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How to prepare for the opening ceremony for the indoor jump place?

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How to prepare for the opening ceremony for the indoor jump place?

How to prepare for the opening ceremony for the indoor jump place?

 In fact, preparing for the opening of the indoor jump park is like preparing for a large-scale movie. The investment of the park investors to prepare for the event is like the investment of the film investors to make the film. The establishment of performance goals and reward mechanisms for the employees before the park is opened, just like the film investors formulating the remuneration of the actors before the start of filming. The target performance of the park's opening is like the movie's estimated box office. whether the opening plan is adequately prepared determines the level of performance of the event. When we write our scripts and change our thinking, the box office will skyrocket and the performance will skyrocket accordingly.


1. The brand positioning and purpose of the trampoline activity center

First of all, to identify the unique projects of the park, or places that are different, you must do labeling and brand positioning. Secondly, it is necessary to list the advantages of the park. In the early stage of opening, the brand concept of the park must be introduced to customers.

If you want to make a differentiated local brand positioning in the park, you must think of a very "cool" advertising and brand positioning language so that children can easily remember easily, which in turn can introduce the concept of the brand. Brand introduction will form a concept in the customer's consumer group, and this concept will promote customers to selectively consume.

2. Second, its the law of activity

First of all, we must think about the framework and process of opening activities. In the process of thinking, we must follow the three stages of activity rules: its divided into "circling" (preheating period), "pushing" (fermentation period), and "surrounding" (outbreak period).
(1) Circling
"Circling" means attracting a large number of fans, which can stimulate customers' desire for consumption. In the process of circling fans, what we want is the number of customers coming in, so the quantity must be large and the threshold must be low. The circling process is also referred to as the warm-up period of the opening event.

"Pushing" refers to converting customers. The process of "pushing" is the process of secondary conversion through the stage of pre-sale activities. We need to transform the "large quantity" in the early stage into "quality", that is to say, we should change the fans in the warm-up  activity in the early stage into customers who can consume in the park  through guidance.
Note: During this process, customers must feel that "there is a bargain to take." The "pushing" process, also known as the second fermentation period, is the focus of the pre-sale and can help generate a lot of performance when opening.


"Surrounding" is to plan the content of the opening activities around the customer's psychology. The psychology of customers is usually "Why should I become your member?", "What are the benefits of becoming your member?" Therefore, in response to these customer psychology, during the outbreak of opening, our activities must come with unprecedented discount to attract passenger flow and let guests become our customers for a long time.



2. It's the specific method of the park activities.


(1) .Warm-up activities

During the warm-up period, you need to do activities with a relatively low threshold. The content of the activities should make customers have no immunity after seeing them. The warm-up of the event is inseparable from online promotion.

(2) .Activities during the fermentation period

After the warm-up, the large flow and low threshold customers enter, within 15-20 days near the opening, the second fermentation and the second drainage and conversion are performed to complete the conversion from "quantity" to "quality". We should guide customers to consume. At this stage, we have to give customers a lot of feedback, so that customers feel "there is a bargain."

(3) .Outbreak activities

On the day of opening, a series of activities to bring people together. Common activities for opening a business are turntables, red envelopes, or smashing golden eggs, etc., similar activities that allow customers to get actual gifts should be carried out.


The above is the process and method of the whole park opening ceremony. The same routines and models can also be used in other activities. We only need to combine specific ticket activities in details and content to customize the content. All management methods are only to activate the vitality of the trampoline play center staff, and all business activities are only to make customers more sticky!

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