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How to teach your kids to play on the slide?

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How to teach your kids to play on the slide?

How to teach your kids to play on the slide?

There is a baby who is two and a half years old, but she is particularly introverted and timid. For example, she said that she wanted to go to kindergarten. However, after going there, she did not play and talk with other kids. She said she wanted to play the outdoor slide sets. When she saw someone on the slide, she didn't dare to play. No matter how her mother encouraged her, she would not like to do it, which made her mother feel helpless.


Most of the problems of personality such as disliking playing on the outdoor slide sets in fancy kids playground with other kids are innate. Also, no matter how hard we try, it is difficult to completely change them. If we want to make our babies adapt to social situations, we need to make more efforts to help our children and guide them.



First, I think we should give the babies enough time to encourage them to interact with other relatives and friends during the gathering of relatives and friends. Also, we should tell the relatives and friends that the baby is only relatively timid and shy, so it takes some time for them to adapt to the situation. In a nutshell, we can let the babies walk in the crowd, avoiding them becoming the focus of everyone.


Second, we must be good at discovering the advantages of babies. Generally, introverted babies usually have better ability of learning and observing. They may be not good at entertaining new friends, but they can immerse themselves in their own world, this advantage of which is beyond the reach of other outgoing children. Therefore, we must proceed from the advantages of the baby and encourage the baby to make him feel that he is also awesome. After the baby has established self-confidence, it will be easier to get along with others slowly.


Third, if the baby does not like to greet others or introduce himself to others, or does not like to integrate with other children, we should not force the baby to do things that he does not want to do, which may make them heartbroken. As a result, it will have a more adverse effect on the baby.


Fourth, if the baby still holds our hand and refuses to let go of us in a crowded place, then we must give up our social companionship to accompany the baby to meet new friends when playing on the outdoor slide sets and so on, which can help babies get a better sense of security and improve their confidence. At the same time, parents can encourage babies to share their own toys for other kids to play with, or we can invite other children to play games that babies usually like to play with our babies. When babies are getting happy, they will naturally not be afraid of playing and talking with other kids.

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