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How to train instructors in the indoor trampoline park?

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How to train instructors in the indoor trampoline park?

How to train instructors in the indoor trampoline park?

According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 2,000 trampoline theme parks in the world, including more than 600 trampoline parks in China. The safety of trampoline parks is particularly important. What items do trampoline safety officers need to train? Let's take a look at the safety guarantee of the trampoline park.




The current problems in the trampoline park

Sports events are always a sunrise industry, and more indoor sports playgrounds will be introduced in the future. There will also be more people who like trampoline and start to practice trampoline skills.


At the same time that the trampoline park is developing rapidly, there are also some problems: First, the problem of safety accidents is prominent and the media is exposed frequently; Second, there are still many venues that do not have a more scientific marketing method, and the performance is not satisfactory. This is also the core pain point of the trampoline park.



Safety accidents and prevention methods of trampoline park

According to statistics from insurance brokers, fun bounce house places account for 56% of all indoor parks. For all types of parks, the odds are really high for trampoline parks! The premium of the trampoline park may increase rapidly, and many insurance companies may even be reluctant to accept the policy of the trampoline park.


Trampoline peers said: "At present, the venue operation and marketing have matured and the performance has been steadily increasing. I am worried about security accidents, especially exposure by the media. In case of occurrence, the performance of the venue will be extremely reduced." The biggest risk of trampoline parks also makes many trampoline park operators feel uneasy, so we must be aware of risks.




Reliable management solution for trampoline park

Venue certification + no dead end monitoring + professional accident handling methods + customized insurance. After completing these several sections, the trampoline park can be operated with peace of mind.



1. Trampoline venue certification

The trampoline venue certification includes equipment test report, certified safety officer, professional admission, guided play and other procedures and instructions.

The trampoline venue must be certified. After all equipment in the venue is installed, experts must be invited to make a report. Equipment testing engineers will give us suggestions on how to avoid safety risks by strengthening the management and control of workers.




2. Security officer training

All security officers and employees responsible for operations must pass the exam certification. At the same time, it is necessary to analyze and train Red Cross first aid and trampoline park safety accident cases (monitoring video), which is a very effective means to improve the safety awareness of safety officers. Through such analysis and training, risks can be discovered and prevented in a timely manner, and the occurrence of safety accidents can be reduced to a large extent.




3. Professional guidance

Make sure that all customers who come to the trampoline park can see the safety instructions for admission when they enter, and then go to the entire process of storage, changing to non-slip socks, warming up, and safety tips in each play area, and establish a standard for everyone to sort out.




Finally, the most important thing is that we must ensure the quality of trampoline equipment and indoor jump place , welcome to buy all kinds of high-quality trampoline and amusement equipment on our website.


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