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Key points in designing outdoor playground

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Key points in designing outdoor playground

Key points in designing outdoor playground

Children are always curious and interested in new things. When planning children's activity venues, one of the most important design principles is to recognize the world based on children's psychology and preferences. Designers must stand in the perspective of children to design a outdoor playground that is really suitable for children.



Outdoor Playground Design Principles for Different Ages

Age is often the basis for grouping children's outdoor activities. Children are often divided into small groups according to their age. Children of different ages have different ways of activities and different content of outdoor kid games.


1 to 3 Years Old

Adults need to be accompanied all the time. So it is necessary to create a safe and open outdoor playground for children. The ground should be soft in the design.


3 to 5 Years Old

Parents can maintain a distance with children, so it is necessary to create a rest area for parents. As children become more interactive and physically active, it is necessary to create separate places and facilities for children, such as seesaw.


5 to 10 Years Old

The independence of children is enhanced, their physical activities are mature, and they need to develop more interactive activities. So there is a need to create separate places for communication between children and for activities in which both parents and children participate.



Outdoor Playground Design Elements

The design of children's playground should take safety, shape and space sense as the main factors. Special attention should be paid to the color, pavement, plants and other details.



To control the safety of outdoor playground, the scope of activities should not be too large. Generally speaking, the adult stride is about 65cm, so the safety distance of the facilities is 1.8m, and the distance between the chair in the rest area and the outdoor playground equipments is not more than 4m, not less than 1.8m.


Road Pavement

The external road should be designed to be short and direct, so that children can quickly enter the activity area. The internal roads should be as interesting as possible to facilitate the use of children's cars, skateboards and other equipment, and its width is generally between 0.8 and 1.5 meters. The road should be smooth and non-slip, so the protective floors such as sand, plastic, and rubber mats should be used.


Outdoor Playground Equipment

All outdoor playground equipments should be based on safety first, with the purpose of cultivating and exercising children's physique and adventurous spirit. The outdoor playground equipments have rounded ends, rounded edges, smooth edges and corners, stable structure, and suitable size. A variety of game equipment should be provided for children to choose, to achieve the grading of the difficulty of the game, so that children can use them in sequence as their age and ability increase.



On the basis of preserving the original terrain and combining the function and theme of the site, there should be more different forms of terrain, and the surface shape should be changed accordingly, so as to finally become a playful micro terrain. The changing terrain can make children find the fun brought by different space changes on it, and can design some interesting game items in combination with the terrain, such as climbing walls, drilling holes and so on. If there is a steep change in the slope, consider using the terrain to design the children's slide. And the flat ground can be used for sports venues.



The design of outdoor playground has a great influence on the future development of outdoor playground. Therefore, at the beginning of the construction of outdoor playground, it is necessary to do a good job of investigation and make the most reasonable planning.

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