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Some Famous Kids Outdoor Playset in the World

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Some Famous Kids Outdoor Playset in the World

Some Famous Kids Outdoor Playset in The World

Nowadays, children's amusement facilities are everywhere. More and more enterprises want to make profits in children's amusement industry. Traditional amusement facilities are no longer attractive. Only by innovating interesting amusement facilities can children enjoy them. The following content introduces some interesting kids outdoor playset in the world to see how they attract children through creative amusement facilities.



Wulaba Park, Sydney

Wulaba park is located in the center of Sydney. The 3-story amusement tower in the park is the most eye-catching. The tower contains a giant slide, climbing facilities, other slides, swings, natural amusement facilities and crawl tunnels. Among them, the giant slide is the most distinctive. The total height of the slide is 8.80m, and the slide reaches the top of the amusement tower.



Sculpture Playground in Wiesbaden, Germany

Located on the "Schulberg" mountain in the city of Wiesbaden, this playground is rich in various amusement facilities, attracting people of different ages and classes. The whole outdoor playground is based on green, especially the tender green metal tube. Tender green is fresh and bright, which perfectly expresses the happy atmosphere of the playground.


The main facility in this playground is a climbing net with two green steel pipes winding between trees. The direction of the climbing surface of the climbing net is changed according to the distortion of the net, so as to change the climbing difficulty of different positions, which is full of interest.



Zorlu Center Playground, Turkey

The design concept of Zorlu center playground is very detailed. The designer applies a variety of different elements that attract children to the design scheme, and the design purpose is also very simple, that is to let children fully play their imagination in the playground and enjoy the happiness brought by a variety of colorful amusement facilities.


Not far from the entrance of the playground, there is a special playground for children. Here, there are all kinds of children's amusement facilities, such as kids rope course, ninja course, roller skating rink, etc.



Alforville Playground, France

This playground is an activity space that can help children's enlightenment education. The facilities in the playground are designed based on a series of research and analysis on children's early understanding of space. The whole playground covers an area of about 1900 square meters, which can be divided into three parts. Although the area of the playground is large, the designer did not ignore every detail.


In order to enable children to contact and understand various substances around them, such as soil, plants, light, smell, color, sound, etc., the designer has set up some devices that can make sound and can emit light in the playground. 



Bayview Hill Playground, San Francisco

Located in Bayview hill, San Francisco, this outdoor playground is a large children's playground themed with colorful celestial bodies. In this playground, there is a 70 foot sundial and an amphitheater. In the center of the playground, there are large grassland, picnic and barbecue facilities. The outdoor playground provides climbing equipment, slide, swing and natural boulder facilities for tourists. 

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