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The Importance of Ropes in the Outdoor Activities

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The Importance of Ropes in the Outdoor Activities

The Importance of Ropes in the Outdoor Activities

In outdoor extension training, the role of the rope is very important. There are many kinds of ropes we usually use. There is a power rope that protects the student's ascent when passing or jumping, and descending. There are static ropes fixed on the field equipment and used to connect the riser to protect the students from ascending or descending when climbing. There are hemp ropes of different thickness for gripping with both hands, used when climbing or swinging along the ropes, such as outdoor swing sets. There are ordinary thick nylon ropes used for netting or event props. There are webbing ropes for connecting walking paths or pulling grips. There are also various kinds of twine and braided rope. In addition to common adult rope courses, there are kids rope courses. Choose the appropriate rope according to different students and different application scenarios.



The Function of Rope

In many cases, the rope is only useful when there is an accident. For example, in the project of the high-altitude bridge, when the person is on the bridge, the rope only serves as a protection against accidental misses. Sometimes we can assume that the rope does not exist, but no matter how confident we are, we can't remove the rope, because the rope is a guarantee of safety. Especially in kids rope courses, the rope must be used and the safety must be guaranteed.



Brief Introduction of Protective Rope

The protective ropes commonly used in outdoor training are the same as those used in climbing activities, and all high-altitude projects will use protective ropes. The protective rope in the outdoor training industry is widely known as dynamic rope abroad. Here we give a more detailed introduction to the protective rope in the outdoor training, also to reasonably reduce the risk of the high-altitude project and make the training more secure. The protective rope is the most important equipment in the outdoor training, and various activities such as ascent, descent, and jumping require the protection of the protective rope. Iron locks, seat belts, and many other items can only function when connected to a protective rope.


Today's protective ropes all use a net woven rope with a layer of outer net on the outside of several stranded woven ropes instead of ordinary nylon rope. The outer net of the protective rope is divided into two types including single woven or double woven. Generally speaking, the protective rope of the single woven outer net has less friction and is more wearable. The protective rope with a diameter of more than 10 mm is called the main rope, and the head of the rope is marked with UIAA. This kind of rope can be used alone in non-jumping projects with low impact on the rope and in the high-altitude project of outdoor training. In the jumping project, each rope should be hung separately to protect the person and to bear the impact. Another type of rope with a diameter of about 8 mm is called twin rope, and the rope head is marked with UIAA. This type of rope can only be used with two ropes at the same time, such as ropes used in outdoor swing sets. It is dangerous to use it alone.



Protection Rope Purchase Skills

In the outdoor training activities, the conventional protective rope can be used for protection. The price of this kind of rope is generally about 20 yuan per meter, which is economical and practical compared to the waterproof rope of 30 yuan to 40 yuan per meter. High-grade waterproof ropes are relatively hard and students lack skills when using them, which will make them very laborious and affect the speed of rope retraction. When buying a protective rope, pay attention to the rope that is loose between the outer rope and the rope core. It is best not to buy it. During use, you will find that this rope is easy to twist and not easy to restore. And ropes that are prone to change in thickness should be avoided.



When children participate in outdoor kids rope courses, they should be paid more attention to safety than adults. And even in some common outdoor projects which is usually safe, such as outdoor swing sets, we also need to pay attention to the safety of children.

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