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What Are The Assembly Units of Outdoor Slide Sets?

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What Are The Assembly Units of Outdoor Slide Sets?

What Are The Assembly Units of Outdoor Slide Sets?

The outdoor slide set is a comprehensive outdoor playground, which integrates fitness and entertainment. It is designed according to children's interests and hobbies. 


The outdoor slide set is a combination of various accessories. The outdoor slide set is generally composed of door, bridge, sliding cylinder, roof, ladder, handrail, platform, upright column, slide, climbing pipe, rope net and other accessories. The whole slide is connected by fasteners, and there is no sharp object on its surface. The outdoor slide set is ingenious in design, which can help children grow up and develop their intelligence.



Types of Outdoor Slide Set

According to the size of the product, the outdoor slide set can be divided into: large outdoor slide set, medium outdoor slide set and small outdoor slide set. According to the material of slide, it can be divided into stainless steel slide, wooden slide, plastic slide, FRP slide, etc. According to the use situation, the slide can be divided into indoor slide, outdoor slide, water slide, etc. According to the place of use, the slide can be divided into slide for indoor playset, outdoor slide sets, water slide, etc.



Benefits of Playing Slide

Playing slide can promote children's tactile development, so that children can feel different tactile in the process of playing a variety of slide.


For children, different lengths and slopes of slides bring different speed experiences to children. Most children's initial feelings about speed come from playing with slides.


Playing slide can exercise children's coordination ability and enhance their control over the body. 



Material of Slide

1. Platform: The platform of the slide is made of anti slide plate with special process treated. There are many drainage holes on the surface of the plate, from which rainwater will flow to the ground. The plate has beautiful appearance and good antiskid performance to protect children's safety.


2. upright column: Its surface is treated by CO2 protection welding, plastic powder double-layer spraying and shot peening technology. After polishing, the upright column has the characteristics of smooth surface, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, bright color, comfortable hand feeling, safety and reliability.


3. Slides, roofs and baffles: Slide, roof, baffle are made of colored plastic. In the production process, UV stabilizer, electrostatic inhibitor and anti-aging agent are added to this plastic. In the forming process, the plastic is formed by a large-scale rolling machine. Therefore, it has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, does not stimulate the skin, environmental protection, anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging.


4. Connecting fastener: The connecting fastener is made of aluminum alloy. This kind of material has the characteristics of high grade, beautiful shape, safety and firmness, non rusting and durable. The edges and corners of these metal parts are passivated, which can prevent children from hitting the metal parts and getting hurt.



Design Features of Slide

The slide for outdoor playset adopts popular styles and combines children's physical characteristics to skillfully integrate running, climbing, sliding, turning, rolling and other actions into children's play. In the process of playing, children not only exercise their balance, coordination and creativity, but also improve their self-protection awareness. 

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