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What Can Learn from the Indoor Children Playground Games?

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What Can Learn from the Indoor Children Playground Games?

What Can Learn from the Indoor Children Playground Games?

How to deal with the relationship between games and learning, and how to avoid losing sight of each other has always been an eternal topic. Although the concept of deep learning was proposed in the 1970s, it is still well known to the early childhood education community in recent years. Kid’s play land is a good place for them to learn from gaming,


How to deal with the relationship between games and deep learning, not only to ensure that kindergarten education still takes games as a basic activity, but also to promote children to expand their thinking in the "recent development zone" is a major challenge for deep learning.


What is the relationship between games and deep learning for young children? In kindergarten education with games as basic activities, why can deep learning be performed?


1. The concept of deep learning is consistent with that of games.

Whether it is deep learning or games, it is emphasized to find the connection between things based on the real problems in the situation. Both emphasize the constant thinking in the process and adopt multiple strategies to solve problems. In addition, both attach importance to assimilation and adaptation, and apply the original cognitive structure to solve problems in new situations, thereby forming their own knowledge structure.


2. The experience of deep learning is very similar to the game state of children.

Deep learning is a learning process that requires full devotion. Deep learning means that young children must concentrate their energy and strive to achieve a "smooth" peak experience at the indoor playground. At this time, the actor's attention is highly concentrated, he has no intention to pay attention to things that are not related to this, and does not consider other issues. The self-consciousness disappears, and even the existence of time is not realized. The activities that allow people to get this experience are really intoxicating. Actors always want to do this, do not need other reasons, and do not consider the consequences of this matter at all. Even if there are difficulties and dangers, people do not care. Deep learning will allow young children to experience a full sense of fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment after solving problems and completing tasks.


Toddlers often treat games with the spirit of "learning". In the play area for toddlers, young children are happy, emotionally high, and can experience a peak experience of fulfillment. For example, in building block building games, we often find that young children concentrate on building blocks with serious expressions and nervousness, and will persist for a long time until the problem is solved and the task is completed.


In the course of the game, the spirit of "learning" is implied. This "learning" is not a traditional classroom learning, it is a positive, full, and active learning state, which is connection and construction, understanding and reflection, migration and applied learning process. The active participation, organization and construction, interaction and communication required by deep learning are very similar to the state of the game.


3. There is the possibility of deep learning in the children's games.

As a basic activity for children, games are an important way for children to learn. In the course of children's play, we can observe a lot of deep learning. For example, in the building block kid play center, when there is no cylindrical volume or rectangular volume, the child will combine 6 column blocks to form the pillar of the building; put 2 half columns together as wide as the unit block, and 2 units blocks are used together as long as a double building block.


In the process of building blocks, children used combination substitution at the toddler play place, and by trying to combine, they discovered the mathematical proportional relationship between the blocks. This game contains the possibility of deep learning.

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