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What Can You Learn From the Design of This Russian Kids Playground?

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What Can You Learn From the Design of This Russian Kids Playground?

What Can You Learn From the Design of This Russian Kids Playground?

The "Salute" playground is located in Gorky Park in Moscow. It was built to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Gorky Park. It was officially opened in August 2018. Gorky Park is one of the largest and most significant parks in the city of Moscow. The park hopes to help improve the quality of public spaces in Moscow by building unique natural landscapes and spaces. In 2012, Japanese architect Shigeru Ban designed a temporary building for the Gorky Museum. After the opening of the museum's main stadium building, Gorky Park plans to build a large playground suitable for everyone in the venue near the park pond and children's activity education center.


The amusement spaces and facilities are designed based on a variety of suitable people, covering all ages from 0 to 99 years old. Each play area provides tactile, visual, and auditory experiences that are in accordance with the laws of nature, and encourages children to continue exploring. The design of the large oval swing MEGA-SWINGS refers to the oval temporary exhibition building designed by the Ferris wheel, one of the symbols of the Gorky Park in the former Soviet Union, and the architect Ban Mao. A large swing oval inclined structure hangs 29 swings of different heights, ranging in height from 2.5 meters to 5.5 meters. At night, the surrounding interactive lights turn on and instantly become a romantic fairy tale world.


There is a children's play equipment tower in the playground. Looking down from the upper platform, it looks like the hyperbolic TV tower designed by engineer Shukhov, and at the same time it is like the unforgettable sign of the Gorky Park in the 1990s-the roller coaster. Looking down from the tower to review the changes of the venue, from a passive leisure activity venue into a public space, every visitor can participate in the activities of the venue. After climbing the tower, you can shuttle between the two towers and the connecting channel to start a game journey full of adventures and challenges.


The water space play area is connected to the park pond, which creates various amusement facilities through water elements, simulating the flow area of dams and canals, pumps, basin weapons and Archimedes screw pumps, etc. Another space where you can experience water is the SEABED Recreation Area. The water quality of this area is clean, and it is some distance away from areas with more dust, such as sand piles and dinosaur excavations.


Toddler zone

The toddler zone is for the youngest visitors. In the small dunes, you can practice coordination skills, and you can use customized rides to walk and climb. The theme park better helps children to play role-playing games, and abstract and scattered amusement facilities such as sand table also encourage children to use their imagination and creativity.




The 2-meter-deep climbing space offers a variety of climbing angles and methods, with a slide and stairs of different heights to meet the needs of visitors of different ages.



Multi-level space design of playground

The playground's large swings MEGA-SWINGS and play tower are enough to attract visitors visually to experience exciting and passionate games. After experiencing large-scale amusement facilities, a quiet and comfortable experimental game area will be the best choice.


Finally, if you are careful and attentive enough, you will find little secrets hidden in the rides. For example, a small turtle embedded in the pavement of a ditch, a small lizard buried in a sand table.


This "cascading into layers" approach satiates the visitors' curiosity and desire to explore, so that they will not be bored.


Park greening

The lawns, bushes, and woods in the playground let visitors feel the atmosphere of nature visually and tactilely, which is different from sports fields. The green plants located in the site isolate different play areas spatially and serve as a buffer.


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