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What Is the Material of Indoor Playground?

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What Is the Material of Indoor Playground?

What Is the Material of Indoor Playground?

Kid playground with indoor area and outdoor area with outdoor swing sets is a popular children's amusement product in recent years and is a way to attract children in major shopping malls. With the implementation of China's second-child policy, the demand for indoor playground has grown, and indoor playgrounds have also been favored by many investors. However, there are a large number of indoor playground manufacturers on the market, and the product quality is different. Inexperienced investors will inevitably be deceived and suffer losses. In this article, we will tell you how to choose indoor playground.



How to Choose Manufacturers

At present, the children's amusement equipment industry is still in a stage of rapid development, and the market pattern has not yet been formed. Except for the few leading companies that started earlier, most small and medium-sized enterprises are still developing. When selecting a brand, investors need to consider from multiple perspectives. The amusement equipment industry is an industry that requires time to accumulate operational experience. Products with a history of outstanding brands often go through repeated verification and testing in the market. Mature brands have a relatively integrated system in supply channels and production installations, and contain a lot of brand value.


If investors want to have a comprehensive understanding of the company's qualifications, they must carefully verify. In addition to basic production qualification certifications such as basic business licenses, it is also necessary to require manufacturers to provide as many qualification certificates as possible, such as various patents, industry award certificates, certifications of various related standards, and environmental protection and flame retardant characteristics of materials.


The new product development speed, production and installation cycle and after-sales service of manufacturers are all that investors should consider when selecting suppliers. Especially after-sales service, in addition to clarifying the scope of after-sales service with the manufacturer, it also needs to be reflected in the contract signed by both parties.



When Buying Indoor Playgrounds, Safety Is the Most Important

The users of indoor playground are basically children of different ages, so safety is the first factor to consider when buying indoor playground. Investors can consider security in several ways.


1. Material Safety

The first is material safety. With the continuous popularization of environmental protection concepts, the materials of indoor playground are also being upgraded. When choosing indoor playground equipment suppliers, investors can see whether the suppliers have followed international safety standards and certifications throughout the process, using environmentally friendly, non-toxic and flame-retardant materials, and whether the plastics in the products use food-grade materials.


2. Soft Walls

In the entire production process of indoor playground, soft walls are essential. How to reflect the security on the soft wall depends on the details of a manufacturer.


3. Firm Installation

Firm installation of the structure is another important reference standard to ensure the safety of children. The thickness of the connecting steel pipe and the type of the steel frame are all important for investors. In addition, special attention needs to be paid to the installation technology. This is an important factor that many people will ignore when choosing a playground supplier. Complicated projects need to be paid more attention to.



 The Design of Indoor Playground Is Also Important

The indoor playground must be safe and fun, and the design has a significant effect. How to set up the children's amusement line, which place will be more prone to potential safety hazards, how to reserve a safe distance, will the children's area in the indoor playground be too dense? These questions test the ability of the designer.


In addition, when planning and designing the playground, investors need to consider the factors of the venue and surrounding consumption habits and consumer groups, and inform the designer, such as whether to place sand pools, building block pools, small strollers and other entertainment venues and whether it necessary to reserve performance stage space and so on. An excellent design plan needs to make a reasonable plan according to the venue operated by the investor, and can reasonably arrange the indoor playground partition. Indoor playgrounds are generally arranged according to different ages or functional areas, such as frame climbing area, ball pool area, sand pool area, experience area, puzzle area and open area. After a reasonable allocation, make sure that the children can get full exercise in climbing, drilling, rolling and swinging.


A good design can not only bring more customers, but also increase the popularity of the surrounding shops, thereby enhancing the brand value of the playground itself.



In addition, the post-maintenance of indoor playground is also one of the measures to ensure safety. After the opening, the indoor playground must be cleaned every day. In addition to maintaining hygiene, we should also clean up the debris of children. Kid playground provides many joys for children with indoor area and open area. I hope that the content of this issue will be useful to readers who are willing to invest in indoor playground.

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