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What are fun games to play for team building in the adventure trampoline park?

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What are fun games to play for team building in the adventure trampoline park?

What are fun games to play for team building in the adventure trampoline park?

This article is about what fun games are to play for team building in the adventure trampoline park? The following are team building games collected for everyone, and I hope they can help you.


First of all, the participants should be divided into teams and draw a team flag. Then the coach will lead you to learn the basic movements of the trampoline, such as split leg jump, flexion jump, knee jump, sitting jump, chain jump, etc. Finally, you can play fun team games.


How to play extreme dodge ball

Game timeone game in 5 minutes, and 2 wins in 3 games.

Game rules: 2 groups of confrontation. The person who hit the ball should be ejected, or if one hits the ball on somebody, the person who throws the ball should be ejected. Then, after being ejected, they can still attack with the ball given by his teammates, but they are not allowed to grab the ball. If one team grab the ball, all the players should be ejected, so the other team win.


How to play ninja course

Game time: between15 minutes and 30 minutes

Game rules:

(1)Participants are divided into teams, and through rock paper scissors, choose one of the the four tracks to play.

(2)Each team member has two opportunities to pass through the sponge pool. Each time a person makes a breakthrough, the first person of each team reaches the end point, and the second person can make a breakthrough, and so on.

(3)The team with the shortest total time to make the breakthrough win.


How to play basketball slam

Game time: about 10 minutes, depending on the specific number of people.

Game rules:

(1)Everyone in the team has three shots and scores 1 point in the shooting line. 

(2)Shooting outside the shooting line scores 2 points, slam dunks scores 3 points, and the highest score of three opportunities is taken as a personal score.

(3)In the end, the individual results of the whole team add up, and the team with the highest total score win.


How to fall into the foam pit

Game time: between 10 minutes and 15 minutes (depending on the number of people)

Game rules:

(1)Participants are divided into two teams, each of which selects one player as "chopsticks", and the remaining players line up in designated positions.

(2)The player in the front row decides the victory or defeat through the rock paper scissors. The loser is thrown into the sponge pool by "chopsticks".

(3)The winner and the next player of the other team continue to use the rock paper scissors. The team that is thrown into the pool by "chopsticks" first is beaten.


How to play bubble ball

Game rules: each group of members relays the game.

First, one gets into the bubble ball. The rest of the members push the bubble ball to the other side with the fastest speed.

(1)At the other end, he made a substitution and then pushed it back.

(2)Push back and forth four times, and each time to the other side for substitutions.

(3)The team with the shortest time win.


In all, if we follow the above advicewe can play many team building games in the trampoline play place.

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