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What are the Business Model of Adventure Park?

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What are the Business Model of Adventure Park?

How to run adventure park?

With the improvement of people's living standard, tourism has become an indispensable part of people's life. The scenic spot with natural landscape as the main body can no longer meet the multiple needs of customers. While appreciating the natural landscape, tourists hope to enjoy the entertainment and play in the natural landscape. So the projects with characteristics, strong entertainment and high participation are loved by tourists. In recent years, with the popularization of adventure park, a new consumer group has formed. It is necessary for you to know the five principles of the construction of the adventure park.



The User Base of Adventure Park

This is the primary consideration for the construction of the adventure park. First of all, we have to consider who will use this equipment after the construction of the adventure park? If it is a university, middle school and other student groups, we need to build the equipments according to the adult standard. To be more specific, the height of high-altitude training equipment should not be too low. It is recommended to build according to the highest standard, i.e. 12m height. Secondly, equipment such as back drop platforms and escape walls must be constructed in accordance with adult standards.



Business Model of Adventure Park

If we want to build an training site or a construction plan for the adventure park, the second thing we need to consider is to consider the current business model of the park. Is it a scenic area, a resort village, a youth activity center or army barracks? Each business model is different, so we must consider our business model when we make plans for the adventure park.



The Choice of Adventure Park Area

In fact, there are principles for the size and terrain of the adventure park. First of all, it's better to be a little bigger. It can't be as big as tens of kilometers, because it is hard to guarantee the safety of trainees. In general, the smallest adventure park should be as big as a basketball court.



Terrain Selection of Adventure Park

When choosing the terrain of an adventure park, safety is the first priority. Flat terrain means better security. But if all terrain is flat, it will have an impact on the quality of training. It is best to combine hills with small rivers or pools. Generally speaking, places combined with mountains, water and flat are the best, and the distance between them can't be too far. If the venues are close to each other, create a venue-style adventure park. If the venues are far away from each other, create a wild-style adventure park. And a combination of the two is better.



Selection of Equipment Placement Position

The first is to consider the safety of the training. It is important to choose locations for high-altitude facilities such as climbing walls. Generally, it is necessary to avoid places that are prone to danger, such as nrevetment, river channels, and so on. The second is to consider the effectiveness of the training. The distance between each obstacle course equipment should be moderate. On one hand, if the gap between the obstacle course equipments is too far, too much walking will not only waste time, but also reduce the trainee's sense of experience. On the other hand, if the gap between the obstacle course equipments is too close, it will affect the use between the various projects. Furthermore, according to the use environment of each equipment. For example, training equipment escape walls for rope courses generally require a relatively quiet environment to facilitate the guidance of the coach, so the escape wall should be placed in a slightly remote place. The high-altitude training equipment is conspicuous because of its high height. Generally, it takes care of the landmark buildings of the venue and is generally placed in a conspicuous position.



The construction of an adventure park requires consideration of the above five principles. Only in this way can the follow-up management of the adventure park be guaranteed.

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