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What are the benefits of children climbing?

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What are the benefits of children climbing?

What are the benefits of children climbing?

The history of rock climbing

Rock climbing is a competitive sport derived from mountaineering, which originated in the former Soviet Union in the 1950s and existed in the military as a military training program. It was included in the world competition in 1974. In the 1980s, modern competitive climbing competitions with difficulty began to rise and attracted wide interest. The first difficult climbing competition was held in Italy in 1985. Rock climbing has become quite popular in Europe, America, the former Soviet Union, Japan and South Korea in Asia. In recent years, rock climbing is infecting people with its unique charm and outstanding personality. For children, you can start with the indoor kids climbing gym.


6 benefits of children climbing

1. Enhance the self-confidence of the child. Facing a rock wall that is taller than his height, he still resolutely climbs upwards. In this way, he is not afraid of facing the difficult challenges in the climbing process. His mentality is naturally more confident than the average person.


2. Enhance children's physique, physical strength, balanced development of body. Rock climbing is a balance of strength and beauty of hands and feet, which includes the ability of loading your own weight and resisting gravity. In rock climbing, girls do not lose to boys at all.



3. Improve children's concentration. When you step on a solid rock and pay attention to every detail of the body's movement on the rock wall, special attention is needed at this time, which will be helpful in children’s future study and development.


4. Increase children's aggressiveness. To be able to stand on the rock wall and climb up requires the child to have a strong sense of balance. When he is climbing, do he give up or continue to insist? It is not entirely possible to describe it with courage, there also exists willpower, a sense of honor and determination to surpass oneself.



5. Improve the softness and coordination of children's body. This is the key ability of rock climbing, and it is more important than physical strength; there are foreign medical fields that use rock climbing to correct the development of children's muscles and the coordination of hands, eyes and body.


6. Lift children's observation ability. We guide children to observe other children's climbing route before climbing, so that not only can they learn many skills from others, but also avoid the same mistakes they will make for a while. After thinking, they should choose a suitable route. They must start learning to make a small plan to climb faster and climb higher.




As we all know, proper outdoor exercise can help your child's physical and mental health and help children grow taller and smarter. Parents of young children can take their children to play outdoor playground and indoor playground, etc., and older ones can participate in some outdoor adventure rope course. In recent years, rock climbing has become popular at home and abroad. Participating in rock climbing will make you learn to be strong in the competition with the cliffs, feel tolerance in the embrace of mountains, and enjoy the joy of success and victory after conquering the climbing route.

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