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What are the location requirements for gigantic slide in the indoor play place?

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 What are the location requirements for gigantic slide in the indoor play place?

What are the location requirements for gigantic slide in the indoor play place?

In order to meet the different needs of customers of all ages,trampoline center can install different types of devil slides according to actual needs. There are three types of devil slides: two-stage slides, wave slides and 90 ° right-angle slides, which can be played by young children and adults.

Not all venues are suitable for devil slides! Compared with traditional slides, it requires higher site size and building height.



What are the requirements for placing a devil slide in a childrens playground?

1. Storey height

Traditional slides have very low floor height requirements. In general, a two-story trampoline place can be built into traditional slides, and the slide entrance can be set on the level of a platform. In other words, the height of the traditional slide is more than one meter, and the height of the entire children's playground is only about 3 meters. Almost all childrens playgrounds can be equipped with traditional slides.


Devil slides are more demanding. If you want to put a devil slide in a birthday party indoor jump park, it must be at least a three-layer structure. The entrance of the devil slide needs to be installed on the platform of the second floor. In other words, the height of the smallest devil slide is 2.8 meters, and the clear height of the entire children's playground is at least 5.5m.

Of course, the devil slide is a customized product, which can also be customized according to the actual situation of the venue. If your building is high enough and there are enough buffers, the devil slide can not only be 2.8 meters high, but also 4.2 meters.


2. The buffer zone

It should be noted that if the operator wants to install a devil slide in the children's playground, in addition to considering whether the height of the building is high enough, it also needs to have sufficient buffer area. The higher the height of the devil slide, the steeper the slope, and the faster the children will slide down. If there is no buffer belt long enough, the child will stop suddenly when he slides halfway down, and there may be a collision between the body and the baffle, which may hurt the child.


3. Protective net

The devil slide is not only more thrilling visually, but also quite challenging to experience. In order to ensure the safety of children's play, when we design, we will put the devil slide between the two protective nets. In this way, the protective nets on both sides of the devil slide naturally form two barriers, forming a semi-enveloping tendency to the devil slide, which can effectively place children falling from both sides of the slide during the slide process and save space and cost.


4.Pay attention to the difficult match

The indoor jumping playground is aimed at children aged 3-14 years. Therefore, if you want to put a devil slide in the children's playground, you must fully consider the actual situation of children of all ages. If the devil slide is too difficult, most children will only be envious, and the devil slide will become a decoration.


Therefore, if the trampoline fun zone only considers the installation of a devil slide, and there is no traditional slide, then consider placing a relatively difficult wave type devil slide. However, if there is a traditional slide for children in the children's playground, or a wave-like devil slide with lower difficulty, consider placing a 90-degree devil slide at a right angle.



To sum up

Compared with traditional slides, the devil slide looks more high-end and atmospheric, and is favored by children and operators. However, it should be noted that the devil slide is more challenging and exciting, and the difficulty is higher. Once the trampoline fun zone introduces the devil slide, then in daily operations, children and parents should also be informed that they must regulate the sliding movement. In addition, children who are too young or have heart disease and other diseases should not play too difficult Devil slide.

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