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What are the safety fire prevention regulation in the trampoline play?

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What are the safety fire prevention regulation in the trampoline play?

What are the safety fire prevention regulation in the trampoline play?

In the past two years, trampoline movement has gradually appeared in people's vision. As a new entertainment project, we can see it in major shopping malls, playgrounds, professional trampoline halls and other places. The projects in the trampoline fun zone improve continuously, and gradually become one of the national entertainment projects. When operating the trampoline place, there are some safety precautions and fire protection considerations which should be payed enough attention to. Without adequate preparations, we can’t ensure the safety of the players, resulting in injuries. It is the duty of operators of the trampoline centers to create a safe environment for the players.



Safety precautions

(1) First of all, the choice of equipment. The manufacturer of the trampoline place equipment must be a manufacturer with certain qualifications. The production materials used must be tested and confirmed to be harmless to the body. Corners must be taken enough attention to prevent players from being scratched by sharp corners.


(2) The hygiene in the trampoline must be guaranteed. Before entering the trampoline area, players must ensure that their feet are clean and must wear the provided non-slip socks. At the same time, the trampoline fun zone needs to regularly clean and disinfect the equipment.


(3) In the kids friendly indoor jump park, children must enter under the care of parents or guardians, and parents and children must be informed of safety before entering the trampoline, such as instructions for entering the park.



Fire protection considerations

(1) Starting from the location of the indoor trampoline park, it should be installed on the first to third floors of the mall, preferably not located in the underground mall or above the fourth floor.


(2) There should be no less than two safety exits for indoor trampoline parks. It is best to have a separate entrance and exit. When the mall is a high-rise building, an independent entrance and exit must be provided. No obstacles shall be installed at the fire exit.


(3) When a fire occurs, a large amount of toxic fumes produced by combustible materials is the main cause of suffocation. Therefore, various materials used in indoor trampoline parks must be non-flammable or flammable materials after flame retardant treatment.


(4) The park is equipped with complete fire-fighting equipment, including fire extinguishers, fire emergency lighting, and evacuation signs.


(5) The laying of electrical lines in the park must meet the requirements of the specifications, pass through the pipes in place, and use high-power electrical appliances to maintain a sufficient distance from combustibles.


(6) Formulate a practical emergency evacuation plan, organize drills regularly, and keep the evacuation passage open.



To sum up

In fact, not only the indoor jump place, the stable development of any amusement project is inseparable from the safe production of equipment manufacturers, the safe operation of venue operators, and the self-protection awareness of players. It is precisely because of these guarantees that the trampoline can turn into public entertainment from professional sports competitions.

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