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What are the strict regulations for indoor trampoline park?

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What are the strict regulations for indoor trampoline park?

What are the strict regulations for indoor trampoline park?

Trampoline has an irreplaceable role in the nationwide fitness activities. It has developed vigorously in China in recent years and is loved by the people, especially teenagers. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of participants and their physical and mental health, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the public trampoline activity, the China Trampoline Skills Association has specially formulated and published a document about the regulations for indoor trampoline place.



1. Characteristics of Public Trampoline Activity

The characteristics of the public trampoline activity are as follows: a certain height is lifted on the elastic net surface with the help of body weight and jump technology, and various rhythmic flipping actions are completed continuously, including two-foot jump, back bounce, abdomen bounce and buttock bounce. At the end of the whole set of movements, participants must fall on the net with both feet under control and keep the upper body upright. When completing the movement, it should show beautiful body posture, correct technique, high consistency and perfect control of the body.



2. Practice and Competition Environment

1) Indoor jump place


A. No debris is allowed to be stacked between the net surface and the ground. There should be no obstacles within a linear distance of 1.5 meters around the net surface. For venues that use a single trampoline with an area of more than 2 square meters, the height of the net surface in the hall is not less than 4.5 meters, and the distance between the net surface and the ground should not be less than 1 meter.


B. Indoor air should meet the requirements of GB / T 17093 and GB / T 18883. The temperature should not be lower than 16 degrees Celsius and not higher than 28 degrees Celsius. It is suitable to maintain a constant temperature.


C. The place should be equipped with good performance lighting equipment, the brightness is not less than 500lux, the light is sufficient and even, not directly dazzling, and there should be blackout facilities such as curtains.


D. The place should maintain a suitable quiet environment, and the noise should not exceed 60db.


E. The environmental sanitation should meet the requirements of GB 9668.


F. The ground of the place requires wooden floor or softened rubber surface. Within 50 cm around the open trampoline play place, a sponge protective pad not less than 7 cm thick should be laid.


G. The ground on which the equipment is installed should be flat and strong enough to ensure the normal use of the equipment, the concrete strength of the poured foundation should not be less than 20 C.


2) Outdoor jump place

A. The ground is flat, and artificial turf, rubber pads or floors should be paved. A sponge protective pad not less than 15 cm thick must be laid within 1 meter around the open trampoline activity centre.


B. The site environment is clean, quiet and the light is suitable.


C. If the temperature of outdoor venues is below 10 degrees Celsius or above 30 degrees Celsius, the activities should be stopped.


D. There must be no obstacles above and below the trampoline equipment. The equipment should be placed reliably, stably and safely.


E. A safety zone should be established between the equipment placement and obstacles, at least 3 meters away from the trampoline equipment. When multiple net-protecting trampoline equipment are placed, the distance should be at least 2 meters. the distance between open trampolines should be at least 2.5 meters.


3) Trampoline facilities in practice and competition venues

A. The trampoline equipment is divided into open trampoline and net-protected trampoline.

The open trampoline is composed of a net surface, a spring, a frame, a protection safety pad, and a hand protection pad.

The net-protecting trampoline is composed of a net surface, a spring, a frame, a protective safety pad, and a net.


B. The trampoline equipment should meet the requirements of the national quality standard GB / T32611-2016 "Gymnastic trampoline-functional and safety requirements and test methods", and should be accompanied by a purchase contract, product certification, product use and maintenance instructions, service life, design drawings and source files.


C. There should be no damage to the trampoline mesh surface, no open wires or glue. The trampoline net surface and the spring need to be covered or isolated, and the spring must not be exposed. All edges and corners of the equipment must not have sharp edges and corners, and the protruding parts must be protected with soft bags.


D. After installing the trampoline equipment, each supporting post should be perpendicular to the ground, and there should be no obvious deflection.


E. It is not allowed to pile any debris between the net surface and the ground, and around and above the net surface. The net surface and spring are replaced every two years, and the service life of the frame is not more than 6 years. The overall inspection of the equipment is conducted once a year.



As the requirements for the trampoline place centre become more and more strict, the safety of the participants is also more and more guaranteed. Therefore, many young people can choose the jumping trampoline place when considering a team building site.

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