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What can children learn from constructive play?

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What can children learn from constructive play?

What can children learn from constructive play?

Introduction to the structure game

It is a game for children of hooray indoor playground ,with the development of science and technology,structural games have undergone great changes in terms of materials, gameplay, and structural modeling. Plastic connectors, metal screw structures, etc. have appeared, and the concept of structural games has expanded. The construction materials commonly used in kids indoor play centre are building blocks, plastics, bamboos, metal materials, mud, sand, water, snow and so on. Generally, the types of construction games can be determined according to the materials used in structural games. Of course, certain structural games often use more than one material, and we cannot be absolute when distinguishing.


According to different time and place, structure games in playground for toddlers can be divided into two different forms, one is the table structure game in the corner game or the morning game, and the other is the ground structure game in the creative game.



Value of constructive play

1. Promote children's cognitive development

Structural games are activities based on keen observation, freedom, and creative thinking. There is no fixed pattern for structural materials. The process of structural games is a process in which children use their brains to develop games based on their own perceptions of surroundings, and creatively reflect life through personal manipulation of structural materials. Children gain knowledge of material colors, shapes, sizes, spatial proportions, etc. in the game, experience their own relationship with the interaction of structural game materials, accumulate conceptual knowledge about spatial orientation and combination, accumulation, arrangement and other perceptual knowledge, enhance the graphic understanding and recognition.


2. Promote the development of children's aesthetic ability

The structural game is an art modeling activity, which is a reflection of children's true feelings about nature and society. In the game, children express their feelings, understanding, imagination and emotional experience of the surrounding world, releasing the urge and desire to create. In the process of structural games, children gain aesthetic knowledge in perception, balance, symmetry, color matching and so on. They can feel the manifestation of their subjective spirit in the appreciation of the works and experience success, not only gaining the edification of beauty, but also improving the aesthetic ability. 


3. Promote children's physical development

Children's non-stop operation in structural games provides children with sufficient opportunities to develop perceptual motor skills. Children exercise small muscles and develop hand-eye coordination in the process of constantly grasping, stacking, placing, splicing, and finishing small structural materials. In the handling and construction of large-scale structural materials, it promotes the coordinated development of large muscle movements and is also conducive to the formation of children's sense of balance.Parents often take their children to the baby indoor playground to play structural games, which can promote children ’s physical development.


4. Promote the development of children's non-intellectual factors

Structural games are a complex and meticulous task, and works often require the combination of several structural elements. Therefore, structural games are of great significance for cultivating children's qualities such as conscientiousness, patience, and care, overcoming difficulties, and completing tasks and cooperation to complete tasks. The production of construction results can make children experience their own abilities and joy of success, build self-confidence and enhance pride. Children often express their surrounding life through structural games. Therefore, parents take their children to the indoor swing set to play structural games, which helps to cultivate their positive life attitudes that love nature and love life. 

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