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What can learn from the design of children playground hospital in Chile?

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What can learn from the design of children playground hospital in Chile?

What can learn from the design of children playground hospital in Chile?

As one of the places where children find happiness and release their nature, kids playground provides ample open space for children's games and exchanges with its rich colors and perfect amusement facilities. Let me share with you the design of children playground hospital in Chile.



The research of children's groups has become a guide for the design of public spaces. The original intention of Fondart project "A SCALE" was to deeply investigate, excavate and improve the interactive design of the building, so as to encourage users to participate in the construction of public space. The research team is composed of two architects and two sociologists in the field of education and young children's research. The survey will understand the children's personal or common connections with public spaces in different situations through observation. 



In the the children playground hospital in Chile, adults hardly intervene in the children's play space. Walking into such a room painted with colorful cartoon patterns on the walls gives people a feeling of being in a children's amusement park, but in fact it is the children playground hospital. In order to make the children less worried and scared during the examination, the doctor will tell them that this is an exploration journey into space.



In this children playground hospital, children can choose the light of the hospital according to their own preferences, and the doctor will let children relax and stabilize their emotions with the story. Therefore, the injection volume of anesthetic sedatives will be greatly reduced. The clinic introduces the most advanced medical equipment in Latin America, but the price is far lower than other private clinics.



The director of the children playground hospital in Chile, Padrisho Maldonez, said: "For patients with public health insurance, they only need to pay $90 to $100. The same MRI examination In private clinics, patients may have to pay $1,500 or even more. "



The children playground hospital is located in the southern district of San Diego where the poor are relatively concentrated. The director of the hospital, Padrisho, has been a doctor for 15 years. He believed that medical treatment should be more user-friendly, so he and his friends raised 4 million dollars to open this special clinic.



From the design scheme of the children playground hospital in Chile, we can learn that in the design process of the children's play space, it is necessary to shape its function from multiple angles. First of all, the kids playland should provide a place for children to carry out various activities, and they can achieve emotional venting by indoor kid games, which is the most basic function. Secondly, the kids playland must be able to stimulate children's creativity and cultivate their divergent thinking. Therefore, the kids playland must be knowledgeable and interesting. Third, in the process of creating a kids playland environment, we must also consider the needs of some special children, which is an important manifestation of humanized design.



Designing their own activity space for children is the core principle of landscape designers' design, which is conducive to children's better growth. The design of the children's playground is not only children's playground equipment, but also public installation art.

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