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What should indoor bounce play parks prepare at the end of COVID-19?

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What should indoor bounce play parks prepare at the end of COVID-19?

What should indoor bounce play parks prepare at the end of COVID-19

The COVID-19 is coming to an end, what should the trampoline park do to prepare for the park reopening?

The middle management acts up

1. Middle management do activities


First of all, let the middle management becomes active and directly connect with employees. For them, the pressure may be greater. Therefore, we can inform the middle managers by telephone as soon as possible, and then start some preliminary work.


Second, let the middle managers contact the employees, collect the employees' current situation, record and report.


Third, the middle-level management staff clarifies the work arrangement, so that all front-line employees are psychologically prepared for the following safety training and disinfection process.


2. List the advanced important work priorities before resuming work


1) Management online

The person in charge of the trampoline centre can list all the key tasks of the resumption of work as many as possible, and then pass them to the middle-level employees to tell them what can and cannot be done, and then correct the deviation from the process in a timely manner through the completion of each work.

For example: the internal team plan of the venue. According to the different characteristics of our amusement place, we design and formulate different internal documents, requiring everyone to start execution in accordance with the documents.


2) Staffs online

During the COVID-19, you can try to give employees some help in life. the coach in charge of the venue can organize all safety training PPT, disinfection methods etc., and train employees multiple times.

In this process, one-to-one guidance and correction will be conducted for all employees' problems. Employees can participate in the daily operation of the venue during the rest of the time, such as the promotion activities of trampoline parks and the promotion of preferential activities.


3) Members online

Organize and divide the internal member communities. For example, divide our members into groups according to the labels such as group building, parent-child, fitness, and youth. Then, we can mobilize all the employees of the trampoline play place to take the initiative to contact the members, understand the current status of the members, and narrow the distance between the store and the members.

For example, our venue organized a caring event to send masks and alcohol to members this time. As long as you are a member, we will send it to you. In view of the fact that the protective materials in the current epidemic period are relatively difficult to buy, many members do not have a good purchase channel. We purchased a batch of masks and alcohol, and took the initiative to send the best sincerity to the members' homes. The members had responded very enthusiastically.


4) Products online

During the epidemic, the indoor bounce bounce house park can launch several online cash register methods and preferential activities.

For example, during the epidemic, customers only need to spend ten dollars to buy a one hundred dollar voucher.


5) Operation online

Aiming at the current epidemic prevention and disinfection programs that people are more concerned about, we can make a batch of videos to introduce our promotional activities that will be more easily accepted by customers.


Such as we can show the playing tricks for sponge projects, inform the key points to quickly pass the foam zone. Put some indoor equipment that can be installed and used outdoor, let the customers use it with limited members.


3. Hold video conferences to unify the path, direction and strategy


4. Delivery the work arrangement to the management group


The person in charge sorts out all the work arranged during the meeting and sends it to the management group, which lists the work direction, content and and concentration of each person for inspection.

5. Regularly check the head of department

Regularly check the data of training, collation and various work records of the person in charge of the department.

6. Regularly check the middle management

Regularly check all safety training processes, disinfection process training, and video production of each middle management post.


7. Management post screenshots retain the training process and status

The person in charge requires all management posts to retain screenshots or video recordings of the entire training process, from which they can also understand the status and spirit of employees in the video conference.

Staffs act up

After understanding the current situation of employees, if employees do not go to areas with severe epidemics, we can consider mobilizing employees. The strategy of "moving" employees can be accomplished through the following directions.


1. Safety training


2. Disinfection training


3. Back to work to do on-site disinfection


4. Photo and video retention


5. Temporary staff meeting, unified thinking, holding groups to keep warm

Making full use of this time can increase our advantages and impressions

1. Increase members’ confidence and our fun bounce house places brand reputation


2. Know the distribution of members that will be convenient for our bounce trampoline park future activities


3. Increased communities can do precise promotion for our indoor bounce park in advance.

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