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What should parents tell their kids playing at the fancy kids playground?

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What should parents tell their kids playing at the fancy kids playground?

What should parents tell their kids playing at the fancy kids playground?

According to the statistics of accidents in baby indoor playground in recent years, the most common accidents in children's amusement parks include fall injuries, stab wounds, and bruises. Adults carrying children on rides should position safety belts, safety chains, safety buckles, safety fences and other related safety equipment, and sway children not to stand up before the facility is about to start or is not stopped. To play in the ball pool and bunker, you must always pay attention to the movement of the crowd around the child and intervene in time.


After entering the park, be sure to hold the child's hand tight, and don't let the child near the running playground equipment. In the kids indoor play centre, it is best for children to wear two-piece sportswear and sports shoes that completely cover their feet.


In the process of playing in the amusement park, in addition to paying attention to the child's personal safety, parents must also pay attention to the child’s psychological state at any time. Some parents will overestimate their children's acceptance of amusement rides, take them to play irritating facilities such as pirate ships, roller coasters, etc., and make children cry on the spot, and even experience physical and mental symptoms such as bedwetting and nightmares after returning home. To play in an fancy kids playground for toddlers, it is best to grasp the following principles to avoid the shadow of the child's heart:



Principle 1. Assess the child's physical condition before travelling.

The purpose of playing is to make yourself happy, and the premise of being happy is good health. If the child already has mild fever, cough and other symptoms of physical discomfort, playing hard in the amusement park will only make him more uncomfortable.



Principle 2. Choose suitable amusement facilities according to age and height.

Amusement park facilities are generally divided into different levels according to height and age. Before entering the park, it is best to confirm that the children meet the standards of the facility specifications.



Principle 3. Before entering the stadium, evaluate whether the hooray indoor playground equipment is suitable for children to play.

Amusement park facilities are somewhat irritating. Most of the play methods are spinning and bouncing. Before entering the venue, you should evaluate whether the nature of the facility is suitable for the child, and tell the child how it may feel when riding, let the child observe the facility by themselves. The mode of operation determines whether you want to play.



Principle 4. Don't force your child to play with the toys he doesn't want to play.

Some parents take their children to play in the indoor swing set, even if they know that the child is afraid or do not want to play, they will still force the child to play, or encourage the child to "it's okay, try it!" Children often have physical and mental symptoms of anxiety, fear, and uneasiness. Therefore, don't force your child to play with the toys he doesn't want to play.

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