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What to do to open an indoor trampoline park?

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What to do to open an indoor trampoline park?

What to do to open an indoor trampoline park

The article is about what to do to open an indoor trampoline park. The epidemic will be over. For you who are optimistic about this development prospect, are you starting to prepare for investment matters? For the first time investing in a trampoline hall, you can't figure out where to start, and don't know where to start preparing? What processes and procedures are required to open a trampoline hall? Next, let me introduce you briefly.


First, make a good market research and analysis.

You should understand the current needs of people, determine the main customer groups, examine the basic operating methods of the same industry, and make accurate marketing plans.



Second, choose the right venue.

The key to making money is in the site selection. Generally, it is close to communities, schools, kindergartens, large shopping centers, gyms, comprehensive playgrounds and other places where the flow of people is relatively concentrated. With a large number of customers, the subsequent income will be received.



Third, choose equipment manufacturers according to their own needs. 

The entertainment projects which are to be run will be planned in advance. Common items such as Freestyle Jump, Foam Zone, Slam Ball, Trampoline Dodgeball, Sky Ladder, Free Climb, and The Wall, the cost of different projects are different. Sometimes, ideas may be influenced by reality. Costs must be controlled when selecting projects. Manufacturers must be careful in their choices. Comparison shopping is the criterion for choosing a good manufacturer. It is recommended that you go to the manufacturer for a field inspection before selecting a manufacturer.



Fourth, look for professionals to make CAD drawings for their own start-up sites.

Manufacturers make designs for CAD drawings. After paying part of the deposit, the designer designs the renderings according to customer needs. The customer confirms the final renderings and confirms the size. After the confirmation, the manufacturer calculates the price, and after reaching an agreement, the two parties sign a contract.



Fifth, the manufacturer performs the sorting production according to the contract, and the manufacturer performs the sorting production according to the date of signing the contract.

It is recommended that you communicate well with the salesperson in advance, to avoid the peak orders, such as during May 1st, Children’s Day, National Day and winter and summer vacations. There are other expenses, such as trampoline socks, work clothes for employees, property management fees, room and board expenses for installers, etc., and infrastructure will also be included, such as water grid, early promotion costs. You may find some online platforms to promote or offline to give out leaflets. There are also some hardware costs. The hardware equipment you need mainly includes air conditioning, electronic ticket gate facilities, network equipment and wiring, electric fans, exhaust fans, display screens, monitoring systems, WiFi, and cash register systems.



Finally, consult and go through the necessary procedures.

After signing the contract, the operator needs to consult and go through the relevant procedures. Before starting a trampoline hall, the above points must be fulfilled, and every step must be done carefully, because the details determine the success or failure.

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