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What to notice when children playing on the slide?

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What to notice when children playing on the slide?

What to notice when children playing on the slide?

Outdoor slides sets are usually seen in fancy kids playground in parks, shopping malls, kindergartens, communities and other places. The slide belongs to a kind of equipment for fitness exercise, which is generally played by children. What is more, we also call it combination slide for children. In the play, children usually climb to the top of slides by steps and then slides down, so that children can feel the joy of success and the excitement of speed. However, there are many potential risks hidden in the playing of combination slide.


With the help of an adult, children can play on the slide of outdoor playground. When the baby can sit independently, the father and mother can take the baby to play on the slide. Dad or mom sits on the slide with his hands under the arm of the baby to control the speed and direction of sliding. When the baby played with the guidance of parents several times, the baby can play on the slide on his own with experience. At this time, mom and dad should only need to put the baby on the top of the slide with mother squatting at the end of the slide and dad standing next to the slide to take care of the baby.


When the babies can walk on their own, parents can take the baby to play on the slide in low height with small slopes. Mother can keep her hands under the arm of the baby to help the baby to climb to the upper part of the slide and encourages the baby to slide down. Throughout the sliding, mom and dad can't hold the baby very hard and parents should check whether the sides of the slide are smooth and stained before playing.


When the babies play on the slide independently, parents can let the babies climb to the top of the high slide in big size and slide down on their own.


Children should play slides with companions. Mom and Dad should take the baby to the fancy kids playground to play on the outdoor slides sets with the other children and guide the baby to actively communicate with others,  which can cultivate the quality of the baby's modesty and exercise his skills. The language of encouragement can also be used to induce the baby. In addition, if the baby performs particularly well when playing on the slide with a companion, mom and dad can give the baby appropriate encouragement.


The combination slide for children belongs to the comprehensive equipment of sports, and the activity can only be carried out by climbing. Playing on the outdoor slide sets in outdoor playground for children requires the strong will and confidence, which can cultivate their courage. When the child slides down, he can enjoy the joy of success. Also, the combination slide for children is a kind of sports equipment, which is commonly used in kindergartens or children's playgrounds. It is generally suitable for children aged 3-12.

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