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Why Is Color of Outdoor Playground So Important For Children?

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Why Is Color of Outdoor Playground So Important For Children?

Why Is Color of Outdoor Playground So Important For Children?


Color is of great significance to the growth of children. The eyes are the windows of the soul, and color is the main element that the world feeds back to people. Parents with small babies will find that in addition to being particularly sensitive to sound, the second is to have a special sense of the color of outside things. The color matching of the children's playground needs to give children a comfortable and cheerful feeling, which depends on the thoughts and inspiration of the designer of the children's playground and their understanding of the children.


The influence and effect of color on children's emotions and psychology




From a psychological point of view, red is a color that is irritating and can induce uneasy emotions. The brightly colored red strongly attracts people's attention. Rose, auburn, pink and other bright and expressive colors can promote emotional vitality.




Yellow is the most discriminative color, and also the favorite color of children. When under pressure, children will react instantly, make bad behavior or prepare to fight, which will increase the pressure.




Green is the color that calms your mind. A few studies in psychology will not have any stimulating effect. It is very effective in related places such as things that children need to do for a long time, things that need to concentrate, and things that need to be contemplative.




Blue is a very calming color, which can effectively reduce bad behavior or the mood to fight. This is a protective color for children. Compared with a spacious place, it is more suitable for use in a smaller space.




Purple has obvious effects on mental problems such as brain problems or obsessive-compulsive disorder, multiple personality, etc. It can regulate children's sensibility.




It plays a metabolic role mentally and is a good color for environmental protection and health. It gives a sense of tranquility, eliminates mental pain, reduces restlessness, and reduces fatigue. But excessive use will produce boredom and laziness.




It gives a calm and concentrated image.




It creates a relaxed, pleasant, bright and elegant atmosphere.




Combined with emotional dynamics, it cannot reveal the color of free feelings.



Children's visual development at different stages of development


The first thing to know is that good color matching helps the baby's visual growth. The child's vision development and growth process is between 0.1 and 0.3 at the age of 1 and 0.4 at the age of 2. At this time, it is possible to preliminarily judge things. At the age of 3, the more it is about 0.6, it is already possible to use the eyes to guide the body to contact new things, and stereo vision is almost complete. The shape or color of amusement equipment and facilities must be aesthetic. In particular, color has an impact on the comfort, stability, fatigue, and efficiency of the environment. Therefore, the choice of color for amusement equipment is particularly cautious.



Brilliant and gentle colors will give children the feeling of spring breeze. The embellishment of the shape is like a ribbon to guide children to play happily. Therefore, the color matching in the children's park outdoors has a great influence on the visual development of children who come to play. . The children's playground is not only a simple playground for children to play with, but the children's playground also has the function of edutainment, thinking from the perspective of children, and looking at the world from the perspective of the baby. The children's playground is not only a playground suitable for children to play happily, but also good for the physical development of young babies, which uses different angles to think about the colors of designing children's playgrounds, and uses fantasy and beautiful colors to outline a happy paradise for children.


The moment the child walks into the children's playground, it is as if he has come to the children's favorite joy center. The undulating colors flew in front of the eyes, the children glowed brightly under the light of the lights, and the red, yellow and blue led the children to this cheerful paradise world.

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