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Why could we choose indoor trampoline park as a good way for team building?

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Why could we choose indoor trampoline park as a good way for team building?

Why could we choose indoor trampoline park as a good way for team building?

There are many forms of team building, you can go outings, go to dinner, go to sing, you can also go to trampoline indoor playground. So what is the significance of team building? The focus of the team building is not on the "team" but on the "building." A team building that doesn't make sense of building is meaningless. Since the managers of most enterprises do not have modern enterprise management concepts and lack practical experience, most of the team building activities are indiscriminately built. At this time, team building becomes the realization of the personal preference of the managers. This kind of team building is also the most hated by everyone.

Common Annoying Types of Team Building

1. Often occupying employees' personal time, resulting in employees having no time to deal with personal affairs and lack of adequate rest.

2. Set up the content of team building based on the personal preference of the leaders, regardless of the acceptance of employees

3. Forcing employees to behave reluctantly for fun, which is known as "breaking ice" and "breaking through their limitations"

4. The bureaucracy is serious, the time of team building is three hours, but an hour is to listen to leadership nonsense, and finally the team building becomes an activity to satisfy the leaders' personal emotions.

5. Full of vulgar content, which makes employees feel uncomfortable and disgusted

6. Other

The main goals to be achieved in the team building activities can be divided into two types

1. Team rewards. As the name suggests, the purpose is to make everyone have fun, let them in good status and work efficiently.

2. Solve the specific problems in the team. This is more complicated.

Common problems

1) Business development is in a bottleneck and the morale of the team is sluggish.

2) New members join, and they are lack of ways and opportunities to know other members.

3) Unpleasant conflicts between employees and lack of opportunities for reconciliation.

4) The overall state of the team has declined, and feedback from employees is required.

5) Share the company's future strategic planning and adjustment plan

6) Other

Different types of team building have different organizational forms and contents, but in reality, most managers often confuse the two, which can easily lead to poor final results.

For example, if there is a conflict between the members, you want to ease the atmosphere and find an opportunity for the related members to chat with each other to resolve the conflict, then if you choose to watch movies, ski, play table games, they must be inappropriate. You can choose adventure trampoline park, which can make members to play together and help each other, giving them opportunities to resolve the conflict.

The team building itself is an integral part of the corporate culture, and it is actually of little significance to take it out alone. The key depends on what is the core of the corporate culture.

Personally, the direct reason why employees come to work is to make money, but in addition to making money, they also hope to grow, find a sense of belonging in a like-minded group, and do something interesting together.

Therefore, the content of team building should be easy and enjoyable, everyone can have fun from it, and find their own position in the collective.

For an excellent organization, its members must recognize their culture and philosophy in their hearts. Whether employees recognize their work from the heart or for money, the difference in their work output is huge.

Team building is a process to help everyone know each other. During the interaction, you will get to know your colleagues more three-dimensionally and have a deeper understanding of who they are, which will help to eliminate misunderstandings and estrangements and foster mutual understanding.

In general, if it is a team building of a large team, we recommend choosing activities that are more teamwork or competitive, such as jump indoor trampoline park. When it comes to trampoline park, in fact, it also has many kinds, such as birthday party indoor jump park, family fun indoor jump park, kids friendly indoor jump park, etc.

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