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Why do Kids Have to Exercise at Early Age at Children Playground Center?

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Why do Kids Have to Exercise at Early Age at Children Playground Center?

Why do Kids Have to Exercise at Early Age?

In the past two years, the Children's Sports Hall has caught fire. Rather than focusing on competitive special sports, these venues emphasize the use of sports to improve children's physical fitness and achieve the development of comprehensive abilities. "Children's physical fitness", "cognitive exercise", "character education", the main players of various concepts kicked off the prelude to new sports. At home, the older generation takes care of them too carefully, and the children do not like to play like before. Passing the sports hall which is an indoor play area and seeing the lively and cheerful child really envious, these children are masculine, which is what a little boy should be.


It is necessary to invest in health and consider studying at a higher level, the physical fitness classes in the play place involve a lot of sports, such as running back and throwing shots, covering many elementary school physical fitness test items. In addition to fitness classes, children are also learning to swim synchronously.


After the 80s and 90s, parents are paying more and more attention to the training of the physical fitness and comprehensive ability of the next generation. In the "2017 China Family Quality Education Consumption Report", 89.34% of the parents surveyed have the willingness to choose sports training programs for their children. Concepts are quietly changing, talent cultivation is not as popular as in the past, and laying a good foundation for sports has become a new consensus.


In foreign countries, 0-6 years old practice basic sports skills, no competition, 6-9 years old still practice basic sports mode, plus small-scale competition, but focus on practicing and having fun. Before the age of 10, children are in a sensitive period, and premature children's sports specialization has a risk of injury. Training, competition, winning, these are the latter things. Some children's sports training institutions or kids’ playground have moved this stage forward, and teaching children in an adult way, children will not like it. Special sports should not be practiced prematurely and without physical foundation.



According to the current general opinion of international experts, children should conduct more than three kinds of sports at the same time before the age of 10. The more comprehensive the project, the more comprehensive the body's stimulation and growing. "Many young athletes only practice a single event from an early age, and they can achieve results very early. Others regard it to be gifted. In fact, he only has a longer practice time than others. When he is really ready to compete with others in his teenage, he would be bothered with injuries. It’s a pity! Parents must respect the laws of physical and psychological development for their children to choose sports programs, and they should not rush to gain quick results.


Children are in a stage liking to play and exercise. Parents can take them to indoor and outdoor playground. Not only can children enjoy a happy childhood, but also allow them to move their bodies and make friends. It is an ideal choice to increase children's exercise and build their bodies.

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