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Mr. Jin, the founder of Vaisa, is one of the earliest developers of teaching toys in China. With years of experience and unique views on the recreational facilities industry, he firmly believes that the core of educating children is not to teach them the ability to solve problems, but to cultivate their ability to find problems. For this reason, he founded Vasia.
We have been working hard for more than 20 years for building various scenes of recreational facilities considering safety, novelty, cooperation and challenge to give children a better playing space as we firmly believe that the essence of education is to play and discover.  
The Canton Fair of 2007 built the foundation for the later develpoment of Vasia. Currently, Vasia has been recognized by markets in the Middle East, Europe and the United States. After the success in business, Vasia also pursues the realization of its own social value. Vasia has built large recreation facilities for children in remote areas and special schools. Human suffering is different, but happiness is interlinked. Vasia hopes to spread the seeds of exploration and happiness in the hearts of children in every corner of the world.

Vasia products cover 11 kinds of series, including trampoline park series, fancy kids playground series, rope course series, combination slide series, EPP building blocks, TPU software, dry snow slide, outdoor playground series, ninja warrior course etc., forming a multi-dimensional product structure. At the same time, Vasia is good at building soft contained play structure. According to the interests of children of different ages, we integrate lovely themes into the indoor playground structure, and create an immersive game environment for children.
In the limited space height, using the irregular playground area, we can turn  kinds of fantastic ideas into the real recreational facilities full of adventure and happiness. We're proud that kids can play and discover in the dreamland that Vasia has been building.


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